Monday, August 22, 2005

The Paperchase has Officially Begun!

It's official...the paperchase has begun! After signing the line of credit papers on Saturday I was all set to officially begin my paperchase.

This morning I walked over to our local police station and filled out the paperwork for the police check. I was shaking so badly I could hardly hold the pen! Uh oh! The officer behind the counter laughed at me as she reminded me this was only the beginning of many papers that would need to be filled out. Yup....but this is one of the FIRST since hearing God's answers to the prayers of myself and many others! Gulp! It's really happening! And I couldn't be more excited!!!

The other form that I had already requested in the spring was my long-form birth certificate. I was able to do this earlier as it is not a document that can 'stale date' before going to China as some others can. When that arrived via registered letter, I was not prepared for what I was going to see! What I saw immediately gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes! I was looking at a copy of the form my Mom had filled out 39 years ago when she and Dad registered my birth! I hadn't expected to see her familiar hand writing and when I did it was such a wonderful moment! As I try to imagine how Mom and Dad felt when they filled out that paperwork is overwhelming. Mom had had difficulties (to put it very mildly!) having children so I was her first.

As I begin this journey to mommyhood myself I understand more and more about the longings of a woman's heart to be a Mom! Thank you Mom and Dad for persuing having a birth child and then for adopting my great brothers when another birth child was not what God had planned for you. God had David, Ken and I planned for you from the very beginning and for that I am so thankful! I am thrilled to be able to continue adding to our family through the amazing priveledge of adoption!

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  1. Awww! Congratulations, Catherine! YOur journey is just beginning - hang on to your seat because you are in for one wild ride! I'm thrilled for you! THanks for visiting my site and I can't wait to watch your adventure unfold!


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