Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still trying to figure this out!

Please humour me as I have a minor rant! The title of today's entry was fueled by the fact that I'm still trying to figure out how to write in this blog and add all the fancy things I see others doing. You know me...I want to go 0-60 in 10 seconds! This situation was proven a moment ago when I had an entry fully written, previewed it then hit the back button (of course, ignoring the warning that popped up!) and found that all my hard work had disappeared into cyber space! Oh no! Hopefully I don't make that mistake too many times!

It's hard to believe that this blog has been in place for over two weeks and this is....yup...this is only entry #2! Yeah for entry #2!

It's funny...ever since I began praying about and persuing this adoption I've told people that I hope to put a website together so that you can share my exciting journey with me. Now that I have an avenue to do this...I don't know what to write. Any of you who know me (no comments from the Peanut Gallery...David...Scott...) know that I'm never at a loss for words! Why now? I guess somehow writing down the daily goings-on can seem a little 'ho hum' but I'll try to keep it light so you enjoy your visits here. I know this journey will be a mixture of many emotions and I look forward to sharing those with you and giving you a small glimpse into my life as it changes in such an amazing way over the next year!

Now...for the lastest goings on. Last night I had one of those 'Intro to Mommy 101' nights! What fun! I had the priviledge of babysitting a friend's 3 youngest children who are 5yo, 15 months and 7 months. No problem! I've done this lots before with many children but last night I decided to add just one more obstacle to the course...swimming! The swimming part was was the getting dressed before and after that were the humerous part! As the 5yo got himself ready I took the 2 babies with me while I got changed. (I've heard of these moms who say 'I didn't have a minute to get dressed today' and often thought...Huh? I understand!) As I'm attempting to change, Baby A has the run of the room with me and Baby B is being entertained by him and all his antics! Who would think little 10" legs could move so fast? Phew! I turn my back....first big mistake...and hear giggling. Uh oh...Baby A has found the toilet paper and is happily rolling it onto the floor! I hurry over to stop this, move him aside and quickly roll the paper back up. Oh no....this gave him enough time to get into a cupboard and proceed to empty everything he could! Yup....over I go and put the stuff back! What am I thinking? My putting the stuff back allowed him to go back to the TP and continue with his first task of unrolling again! (Baby B is all smiles! Who would have thought getting changed could be so entertaining!) Well finally, after 2 TP episodes, 1 emptying of the cabinet and everything on the side of the tub being tossed into the tub, I'm ready to take on the challenge of swimming! Baby B goes into the baby swing near the pool, Baby A dons his life jacket and the 5yo is raring to go. So thankful the 5yo is a good swimmer! We enjoy a fun time in the pool, playing, swimming, splashing and enjoying something that comes and goes all too quickly in Canada...a hot, sunny evening in the pool.

Now, after swimming what comes next? Getting changed again! Oh no!!! I transfer Baby B from swing into a baby seat (At least was organized enough to realize that I'd be wet so would need a way to carry her without soaking her too. 1 pt for me!) Remove Baby A's life jacket and wrap him in a towel while trying to dry myself at the same time. to get upstairs...Baby A has a wet swimmer diaper on which would love to drip should it be given the chance, 5yo is hyped from his swim in the pool and Baby B has decided now was a really good time to 'express herself' and has 'blown' her diaper! (How can 1 tiny tushie make such a mess?) Oh well....what's one more little person to change?

By now, Baby A has had it...swimming was fun but it's time for bed! I quickly change him, get dressed myself and settle into the rocking chair with him for a bit of calm and favourite part! Change Baby B, read and pray with 5yo then head downstairs for some quiet 1 on 1 with Baby B. was a busy couple of hours but wonderful! It did cross my mind though as I thought of mom's I see around with 2, 3 or 4 do they do it? My hat's off to them! I'm glad I'll be starting with just 1!


  1. You are a brave woman! Sounds like it was tiring but fun.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog! :) (I have an adoption blog too!) We're in the middle of our homestudy right now. Hope you get your blessing soon! (I saw your link on 2Peas.)


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