Thursday, August 18, 2005

God's Timing is ALWAYS Perfect!

Today was one of those days when God reaffirmed to me that He is in control and is leading me in this process. Why is it that I'm 'surprised' when He shows Himself in the small details of my life? He knows the number of hairs on my head (and that I'm not a natural blonde!) so why should I be shocked when His timing is perfect?

What I am going to share may seem like a small thing to some, and some may think it purely coincidental, but I know it's all God's timing!

A few of the details to help make the ending understandable:
  • Monday, 9:15am I called and requested a Line of Credit to assist me with the adoption costs
  • Monday after work I filled up my car and was shocked when it cost $52.00! My little car had never taken more than $42.00 to fill so this was a shocker...oh yah...also seeing $1.02 on the sign caused my heart to beat a little faster! Yikes! Who would have thought a year ago that finding gas at $0.90 would feel like a bargain and have people rushing the pumps?

At this point my small dilemma began. I had offered to help out at the MBC bookstore one of the next 2 weekends if they needed my help, but I was beginning to question what was a wise use of my finances? Should I be driving 4 hours in a day to volunteer for 8 hours at a cost of $30+ for gas as well as wear and tear on the car? Not sure. I mulled this over for a few days, waffling between keeping a commitment that I'd made (which means a lot to me) or being wise with my finances and staying home.

Finally deciding that I needed to honour my commitment I called JoAnn at MBC. When I asked if they needed my help this weekend I was told they were ok for staff and I didn't need to come. I was thankful and very happy with that answer. I felt I'd done what I'd needed to do yet at the same time God had answed my question.

Little did I know at the time, what God really had planned that I was not aware of! Less than an hour after talking with JoAnn (and 4 days after my original call) I received a call from someone at PC Financial. He wondered if I'd be home at 11:00 Saturday morning so that he could come over and we could sign the Line of Credit papers? Too cool! God knew all along that He needed me home on Saturday and He directed everything in His timing.

God's timing is always perfect!!!

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  1. Even though we will probably NEVER understand it... His timing IS always perfect... isn't it??? : )



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