Sunday, December 09, 2012

Trimming the Tree with an Awesome 3yo!

Trimming the tree this year was SO much fun!  Hannah helped from start to finish and I love the end product!  I had years of each decoration being ‘just so’ and all the colours matching and now I love, love, love the fun decorations that represent Hannah, her first Christmas, her interests and especially the ones she has made over the years!!

We started with the beads and originally I thought I’d put them on and them ask her to help me with the rest but she quickly realized what I was doing and as she helped my smile got bigger and bigger as I saw her creative spirit come out.DSC_0765

I’ve purchased a few boxes of plastic ornaments over the years and in the past those were the ones she’d put on.  This year she was able to help with all.  My only request was that she put on some shoes just in case some fell.  Our motto, ‘Accidents happen.’   You’ll hear that phrase around our house on almost a daily basis.  Anyway, she chose her new sparkle shoes and I think they were the perfect choice for this festive occasion.IMG_8986

In the end only 1 ornament was broken and yes, Mommy did it!  I was kneeling down sweeping up the little pieces and my sweetie walked up behind me, gently began rubbing my back and said, ‘It’s okay Mama.  Accidents happen.’  Oy!  She melts me!!

This year Hannah was able to do so much more and she was so helpful!IMG_8964

Each year when we’re at Disney I try to find an ornament that represents her current Disney love.  Last year it was the entire Clubhouse gangIMG_9133

but this year Goofy is her favourite by far.IMG_8978



The final touch on the tree is always our angel.  This year was extra special as Hannah was finally able to place the angel on top of our tree.  There were a few attempts and lots of giggles

and finally….success!IMG_9008 - Copy

Merry Christmas everyone!IMG_9010


  1. LOVE the close up shot of Hannah mesmerized by the tree.

  2. So cute! Love the shots of Hannah reaching to hang the angel, standing on Mom! hee hee


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