Friday, December 07, 2012

A Weekend of Fun

Last weekend we enjoyed some fun family times.  After gymnastics Saturday morning we enjoyed a spur of the moment game of bowling and lunch with Uncle Dave, Auntie Trish, Makenna and Kallen.  IMG_8930

Most bowling alleys close to us have 5 pin bowling so the girls are able to lift the balls and kinda get them down the lane.   Hannah started the day throwing overhand (yikes!!)

but we eventually talked her into using the ‘granny shot’ method.IMG_8936

I love how close these two are!  They’re blessed to be only 5 months apart in age and are inseparable whenever they’re together.IMG_8934

At one point we had 3 balls resting among the pins but Uncle Dave quickly took care of them.

Makenna, we’re looking forward to bowling with you again sometime!IMG_8933

Sunday evening we went on a wonderful Girl’s Night Out into the big city with Auntie K and Chick when we went to a Raffi concert.






The concert was really interactive and we had lots of fun singing along and the girls enjoyed dancing too.  Thanks for a fun evening!  We’ll have to do this again sometime Auntie K and Chick!IMG_9027

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  1. YAY girls night out! Glad you had a fun time with some very pretty little (and big) girls!


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