Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2012

What can I say?  We had an absolutely wonderful day together and through it all I fell even more deeply in love (if that is even possible!) with my sweet little girl!!  She is such a sweetie and oh how I love her!

Christmas Eve Hannah left cookies and milk out for Santa and reindeer food on the porch for his helpers.  Our evening was thrown into a bit of a tizzy when the electricity went out at 5:20 and stayed off for the next 2.5 hours.  IMG_9400

We are on the same power grid as our church so it was cancelled which was disappointing.  It did give us a few extra minutes before heading to friends for their annual Christmas Eve open house and Hannah opened 1 present which was matching Christmas nightgowns for she and her ‘Baby’.IMG_9392

Mommy was too excited to sleep but I finally went to bed shortly before 2am.  I’ve always been excited Christmas Eve and found it hard to fall asleep.

Christmas morning she was awake around 6:45 so we headed downstairs.  On the way to the stairs she slipped by Bobble Chippey and the manger scene while saying Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.  I suggested we read the Christmas story but my delightful 3yo said, ‘That’s okay Mommy.  Santa was here and I want to open my presents!’  Heh….such a normal response from a 3yo!  IMG_9410

We hurried downstairs and she squealed when she saw our tree!IMG_9403

We opened our stockings first and then began the gifts.  I was amazed when she opened only one gift and then began to go through the rest of the gifts.  I asked what she was doing and she said, ‘I opened one so now I’m looking for one for you Mommy.’  So sweet!  I explained that I would have gifts at Grandma and Grandpa’s house so these were all for her.IMG_9415

Just what I wanted!!

Just like Mommy!

She received many great gifts from both Mommy and SantaIMG_9428

At 9:00 we headed over to our friend’s home where we shared our annual Christmas breakfast.  Carol had left my gift on our doorstep the evening before with instructions to open it.  What fun when she opened a gift Christmas Eve from her hubby and discovered that we now both had the same Christmas jammies!  Can you see why we love this awesome family?IMG_9431 - Copy





More Christmas Day fun to come…


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome and blessed Christmas. Happy New Year!

  2. She is adopting your traits of courtesy and graciousness . . . so sweet to see.


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