Saturday, December 29, 2012

Squishing as much fun as we possibly can into one day!

I love it when a day that was quiet fills up with lots and lots of fun!  Friday morning we woke up and met Miss Liz and Ava for breakfast and then headed out to a local toboggan hill.  The only other time Hannah had been on a sled it was down a little hill not much longer than the sled itself.  This time not so much!  Hannah had a cold so wasn’t overly excited about tobogganing but she did go down a few times before we called it a day.IMG_9533

Her first trip down the big hill.

Miss Liz helping Hannah up the hillIMG_9536

Eventually Mommy even got into the fun and went down the hill a couple of times.  Can’t wait until we do this again!

We did a little running around after tobogganing including renewing Hannah’s passport and then met Uncle Dave, Aunt Trish and their family at the bowling alley.

Hannah and Laken ready to rollIMG_9553

Makenna planning her shotIMG_9550

Justin helping guide Hannah to the right alleyIMG_9562

Pretty impressed with her roll I’d say!IMG_9563

Kallen looking adorable perched on the bowling balls.  Next year little man.IMG_9573

Sigh…  Yes, if you look at the scores you’ll see that Hannah and I ended up only 10 pins apart in our scores.  Oy!IMG_9568

Hannah and I are so blessed to have such an amazing family!   By this point the girls were in need of naps but the bigger ‘kids’ and Kallen were happy to pose for a pic.  We love you Noah, Josh, Kallen, Laken and Justin!IMG_9571

After bowling we went back to Dave and Trish’s  place and enjoyed a supper of appetizers and a wonderful evening together.  They introduced us to the XBox 360 Disneyland game.  Want to try that one again!

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  1. So fun. You're a good sport Mommy . . . even if you're not a big fan of the white stuff! Bowling looked like a good time too.



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