Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Favourite Pics of My Little Love!

There are some days when I look at Hannah and am convinced she grew up over night!  Her beautiful little face matures, or she grows in height or in wisdom.  I love her little voice and ‘Hannah-isms’ like, ‘Fmell’ (smell), ‘elegator’ (elevator) or my latest favourite that sadly she’s already corrected, ‘Twinkleberry’ (Periwinkle).
As I look at these pics I realize how much Hannah changed over the past year.  *sigh!* She’s growing up far too quickly!!
Here is 2012 in pictorial review:
January – gymnastics graduationDSC_9636 - Copy
February – 3rd Birthday PartyIMG_4724
March – St. Patrick’s DayIMG_4932
April IMG_5328
May – Mother’s DayIMG_5518
September – First day of PreschoolDSC_0175 - Copy
Look at her grow!!  As I look month by month the changes are not great but when I compare January to December I see how my sweetie has changed!  IMG_3938DSC_0824
Mommy loves you Hannah XiaoFen!  2012 was an amazing year sweetie and I look forward to seeing what God has for us in 2013!!


  1. Yep, she definitely did some growing this year. Just as beautiful as ever though!


  2. I'm playing catch up with my blog reading tonight. Love the look back at your sweet little Hannah, she's growing up so quickly. Your NYE pj party looked fun and what a nice and busy Christmas, you gals always have so much fun! Hope all is well, big hugs to you both.

  3. I feel the same way!Just told my girl have to stop growing up. She seemed to like that :) since she wants to be a big girl (gull) so soon. ARGH! Just seems like yesterday.....I was waiting on a small DHL package.

  4. Wow! A huge difference between January and December! She is growing up so fast! Enjoy every moment with that beautiful, sweet girl of yours!

  5. We love seeing your little one grow big and strong! The time goes by so quickly, that's why I love blogging! We have plenty of annual books to look at as enjoy the memories all over again. She's so cute in her Christmas Tree outfit!
    Happy 2013!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Hi! I'm just curious. When I was growing up, preschool was for 4-year-olds (the last year before starting elementary school which was Kindergarten through 6th grade where I lived). I've never heard of Junior Kindergarten but had assumed it was just a new name for preschool but this posting mentions preschool. What is the difference between preschool and junior kindergarten in Canada. I live in the US and here preschool has come to include both K3 (3-years-old) and K4 (4-years-old).

    1. I believe Ontario has had JK in place since 2006 and they are in the process of transitioning in all day - every day kindergarten. I've done some reading up on the kindergarten program and the intent as I understand it of having both JK and SK is so that it gives children as much better base and much better preparation for Grade 1. My cousin is a kindergarten teacher and she says it's common for children to enter her classroom at greatly different stages. Some do not know their colours, shapes, numbers or letters. Others are reading chapter books! 2 years of kindergarten offer the opportunity through play based learning for all children to be as prepared as possible to enter Grade 1. I'm excited that Hannah will have 2 years to further her skills and gain a greater foundation to her learning.

      In some schools the JK and SK children are in the same class and learn together. The intent in these schools is for the children to have the same teacher for 2 years in a row. They enter as JK and learn from the SK students. the following year they are the older, more experienced students and helping to teach the JK students. I'm not sure if this is the format that Hannah's school uses or not. It's one of the questions I'm excited to find out.

      I hope this helps.


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