Thursday, December 06, 2012

Costco is open!

Hannah and I are both excited that we now have a Costco closer to home.  We had fun wandering through it recently and taking pics with some of the HUGE things they sell there.

Even with a 3yo in the house who is still learning she does not need to use half a roll each time, I think we’re set for a while!IMG_8893

These next items we didn’t purchase but had to take pictures of due to their enormous sizes!!

Nutella anyone?IMG_8952

Mmmm!  M3 – wanna help me with this one?IMG_8953

This last one was the biggest challenge to leave on the store shelf.  The price point of $199 made the decision much easier but Hannah LOVED this kitchen!  She played inside it for more than 20 minutes until it was time for us to leave because the store was getting ready to close.  This was one of those times as a Mom I wanted to buy her the moon.  She made me lots of yummy things for us to eat while she was there and I !oved watching her imagination explode!IMG_8957 - Copy

Costco, we’re glad you’re here!


  1. Costco is so much fun! I love the last picture, that is exactly how Chloe ended up with a kitchen of her own.

  2. Hurray for Costco! We love it, too!


  3. I think every little girl at some point decides it is their duty to stuff the toilet on a regular basis!



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