Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bobble Chippy Came Back!!

Saturday morning was an exciting one when we woke up to a fun Christmas breakfast prepared by our Elf, ‘Bobble Chippy.’  BC had been with Santa at the North Pole since last Christmas so when he returned he wanted to come back with a party in his pocket.  So exciting!
Hannah and I had started a craft together earlier in the week and Bobble Chippy turned them into laminated place mats that we’ll use this Christmas season.DSC_0742
He also set the table with all sorts of bright, colourful decorations!DSC_0746
Breakfast was fresh fruit, oj, candy cane shaped pancakes and bacon.IMG_8920
Welcome back Bobble Chippy!  I know you’ll have lots of good things to report back to Santa each night because Hannah is an awesome little girl!DSC_0751


  1. Wow, he sets high standards! Glad Rosie can't read your blog. How did he get his name?

    1. When her Elf first showed up we'd just watched the movie on TV. In the movie the kids name their Elf Chippy so that was her choice. I wanted to make it more personal so 'encouraged' her to change it a bit and he became 'Bobble Chippy' as bobble is what she's called her bottle since she started to talk. Still makes me smile!

      PS - I'm only hoping Bobble Chippy can keep this up next year as my girl doesn't forget things and a normal arrival will leave her wondering where breakfast is!

      I have heard that BC purchased his supplies in bulk so hopefully next year he comes through again!

  2. Loving that handprint/footprint reindeer art! (I pinned you, hee!).

    Our elf has been renamed every year too, which cracks me up. First year Elfala, last year Chippy, this year Elfie.

  3. LOVE this idea!!! Chippy is one handy little elf! :o)

    Our elf is making his grand enterance tonight. St. Nicholas is bringing him. (That way I only have 19 nights to worry about.) :-)

  4. What a sweet idea! Our elf Fletcher might have to come up with something like this this weekend maybe? ;-)

  5. Thank you for the name update. I laugh at the names all the elves have. We have "norman"....very unromantic!


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