Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disney on Ice–Worlds of Fantasy

Sunday afternoon Hannah and I joined her best friend Ben and his parents in Toronto to see ‘Disney on Ice – Worlds of Fantasy’.  IMG_9590 - Copy

She’d seen the ads on Disney Junior for the past couple of months and called me to watch them each time they were on.  Little did she know that months earlier we’d already purchased tickets. Smiledisney-on-ice-worlds-of-fantasy1

One of Hannah’s favourite treats when we go to special performances is cotton candy.  This time it came with this sweet little Tinkerbell flower hat and a Cars hat for the boys.IMG_9591

Knowing we were going to see this show after Christmas I picked up a couple of fun light-up, spinney toys for the kids when we were at Disney in November.  They were a huge hit!IMG_9609 - Copy

The first part of the show was Cars and the kids loved it!IMG_9620

Cars was followed by The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell which Hannah quite enjoyed.  I think Ben would have preferred Mater continue to skate around the ice rather than the fairies!IMG_9641

The final part of the show was Toy Story 3 and then Mickey and the gang joined them at the end.


My Disney loving gal really enjoyed the show and has talked often about when we go again next time.  I think I’ll consider for our Christmas holidays again next year.

Love these fun, memories I’m able to create with my precious daughter!IMG_9612 - Copy


  1. I LOVE seeing all the fun things that you and Hannah do together! Such fun!


  2. What a fun surprise! We all thoroughly enjoyed the show too!


  3. The whole jealousy thing is happening here. Love the photo of you too!

  4. We got that hat too! Like $15 for the hat and cotton candy :). Oh well, it was the cheapest thing out there and she loved it. Loved the show too. Looks like you guys did as well. Happy New Year!

  5. We are going to see Rockin' Disney in March. The show you saw is not in Mtl this year...would have been a hit for both kiddies but I am sure they will love seeing the spectacle and all the fun. Donovan is pretty easy going about the fairies and princesses so I am lucky!

    Keep smilin!


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