Monday, December 24, 2012

Bobble Chippey–What Are You Doing?

It’s safe to say that our cute little elf became much more mischievous as the month went along!  He started off pretty calm but I think he chatted with some of his elf friends while visiting the North Pole each evening because his antics became more interesting…and fun!  I love each morning when Hannah wakes up and says with excitement, ‘Mommy, Come on!  Let’s go find Bobble Chippey!’  She hops out of bed and together we go to find his latest hiding spot.  Sometimes we have to look a bit and other times he’s in plain sight.  Here are some of the fun places Hannah found her friend Bobble Chippey this month.

Playing with Hannah’s Christmas balloonIMG_9178


Around this time Hannah also realized that Bobble Chippey could be her own personal messenger to Santa.  Heh!  She figured this out all on her own and this day she whispered in his ear something she would like for Christmas.  Smart little sweetie!IMG_9186

This marked the day that Bobble Chippey began to be a little more impish upon his return from the North Pole.  This morning he was caught red handed checking out Hannah’s Christmas candy that was left from her Christmas breakfast.IMG_9199

Playing with Santa Goofy on the stairs.  Wheee!IMG_9225

Enjoying a marshmallow bubble bathIMG_9261

Brushing his teeth the morning after her trip to the dentist.IMG_9275

Reading the Christmas story.IMG_9289

Last week Bobble Chippey heard Hannah talking about having a pj day at daycare.  He wanted to be part of it too!IMG_9343

On this night he talked all of Hannah’s ‘fwiends’ into sitting together at the foot of the bed.  Hmmm…looking at this it’s no wonder there are some nights that I’m not sure where I’ll fit in our bed!IMG_9369

Now I’ve saved Bobble Chippey’s most mischievous antics for the end.  Here’s some of the stuff our little elf got into!  He wrote on our family picture using a dry erase marker.IMG_9353

On this night he ‘decorated’ the Christmas tree with her unmentionables!IMG_9201

This was Hannah’s reaction.

Last night Bobble Chippey was a monkey once again!IMG_9375

As tonight is Christmas Eve Bobble Chippey will help Santa out with his gift deliveries and then make one final appearance tomorrow morning before returning to the North Pole to play with the other elves until next Christmas.  I’m sure all antics will be put aside tomorrow morning when Bobble Chippey reflects to Hannah that Christmas day is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and the day He was sent to earth to be our Saviour.  Tomorrow we’ll begin our day remembering that and celebrating Jesus’ birthday!

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  1. I LOVE what that little elf did. What great ideas. I can't decide which one I love more, the toilet paper with Goofy or the unmentionables on the tree!


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