Saturday, October 29, 2011

China Travel Group 2 Year Reunion!!

2 years ago today my parents, Norma and I boarded a plane in Toronto….destination Beijing, China!

Truly I cannot believe that was 2 years ago!  Where has the time gone??  I’ll write more about our official 2 year Family day when we celebrate later this week.  Today’s post is all about the reunion we shared today with some from our China travel group!

2 years ago this coming Wednesday we were blessed to become parents to sweet babies and toddlers ranging in ages from 8 months – 22 months.  Today we were surrounded by fun, busy, active, chatty, delightful 2 and 3yo’s! 

Dad captured it well when he commented on the memory that 2 years ago we were surrounded by cries of fear and distress while today the house rang with laughter and shouts of excitement!

Jianna showing us her Halloween costumeIMG_2838

Meigan (L) and Emma cooking up some yummy lunchIMG_2841

Knight Adam (Jianna’s big brother who was in China with us)IMG_2844


Kayla (L, Kristy’s big sister), Jianna and KristyIMG_2868

Hannah and Grandpa (the tables were covered with paper for colouring which was a huge hit with our toddlers!)IMG_2889

Cute little panda cake pops.  Thanks Anna!IMG_2886

Emma and Hannah were in the DaoXian SWI together for the first 8 months of their lives.  I’m so thankful our families are able to keep in touch!IMG_2851

As you can well imagine, getting a group pic is no easy feat!  We tried but this was about the best I could get.  (Left to right: Meigan, Kristy, Jianna, Emma and Hannah)IMG_2858

Even though this year most of the girls moved around (ok, Hannah moved around Smile), it was better than last year’s attempt.  (Left to right back row: Meigan, T, S, Jianna. Front row: Hannah and Emma)DSC_5570

My guess is next year might be easier right?  Or, am I just kidding myself?

Comparison pics are always fun!  Here are the ones I have where I can compare what these special families looked like 2009 and now look like in 2011

Peter, Anna, Adam and Jianna

Imported Photos 00003  IMG_2910

Mary, Robert and Emma

Imported Photos 00071 IMG_2904

Marge, Tony, Kristy and Kayla

Imported Photos 00005 IMG_2901

Becky and Meigan

Imported Photos 00063 - Copy IMG_2899

Hannah and I

Imported Photos 00007 - Copy IMG_2883

Hannah and I with Grandma and Grandpa

Imported Photos 00015 IMG_2906

It was wonderful to see everyone today and see how our sweet daughters are growing!  What a blessing to have these special people in our lives!!  We love all of you!


  1. It is amazing how time flies by! These little ones are so precious and beautiful! I can't believe two years! Congrats on Forever Family Day!
    See you in a week!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Three Years!

  2. The reunion pics are wonderful. Congrats to all the families.

  3. It's so fun to see the difference two years makes. When I see Xanthe's scared, solemn little face the day we met her, I can't believe all that personality was in there, just waiting to burst out! Hannah and her friends are beautiful spirits.

  4. You're so lucky you have reunions with your travel group. I wish we did or could.

  5. We had such a great time seeing everyone yesterday. You got some great pics Catherine!

    Becky and Meigan.

  6. What a great reunion! It is such a joy to have that connection with people who share that special moment in time.

    Keep smilin!

  7. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary of Forever Family Day! These are precious moments to remember. I love how you were able to show photos from this year and 2 years ago. Wow! Where does the time go? The children all look so happy. I can't imagine our life now without our precious little Charlotte. We are so blessed!

  8. Such a wonderful connection. I hope someday to be able to do a reunion with our travel guys inspire me!


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