Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sibling Talk

I still pinch myself when I pause to ponder that God has blessed me with the most amazing daughter in the entire world!!!  I tell her often how wonderful she is and how thankful I am that God chose us to be mother and daughter…family…an awesome team of two! 

In the past week or so Hannah seems to be a little more aware of other children having siblings.  I’ll admit that I’m surprised how young she is to vocalize these thoughts.  The other day at daycare she told one of others that I am her ‘Mommy-brother’ and today when someone talked about having a sister she smiled at me and said, ‘Mommy.  You’re my Mommy-sister’ and accompanied that with a big hug.  I’m confident that unless God changes something that it will be just the two of us and I’m very happy with that!  I’m instilling this confidence in Hannah too and we’ll talk through questions she has as she grows.  I know she doesn’t really understand the brother/sister thing yet but she is beginning to realize that she does not have either.

Even though she’s not old enough at only 31months to understand the context of what she’s saying, I am happy that she is quite comfortable talking about what is happening in her heart and little mind.   

We have many conversations ahead of us so we’ve only just begun.  I’m already praying that when the questions and conversations happen, God will give me the words.  Words to respond to her questions as best I can even though many times I won’t have information or answers that her little heart (and Mommy’s) craves.


  1. Benjamin has been asking where his sister is. He wants to know why he doesn't have a sister. rHe asks if I am his sister.

    Scary that I don't know how to answer because I don't know if he will ever have a sister.

    Makes me sad.

  2. Meigan started asking "Where's my Daddy? this summer. I was also not expecting questions like this at such a young age.

  3. Big hugs to you and to your anonymous commenter. These are rough roads to navigate, but I am confident that you will find the words when the time comes.

  4. Our son was very happy with us. Loves his two big sisters, his big brother, his three young nephews and niece. But when our update photos came of his sister this summer, he said, Mommy, she has black hair and black eyes just like me! And I have to say that he just loves having her. I think he feels like he finally has someone of his own. He did not vocalize any of these thoughts beforehand, but it was my gut instinct that he was feeling them. Go with your gut when the time comes and you'll both be fine.


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