Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sorting, Colours and Using Chopsticks!

I found another great activity for Hannah to try and she had a lot of fun with it.  I switched it up a bit and made it using small tin pie plates with construction paper discs in them, pompoms and chopsticks.  DSC_8968
I just let Hannah go as I was interested to see how she chose to do this.  It was cute to see how she chose one of each pompom colour and put them in their corresponding containers.  DSC_8952
DSC_8953Her colours are coming along much better in the past month or so and she knows most of them although often calls pink, purple.  She’s also at the point where she will tease and when asked the colour of something she purposefully says a different colour until I say a wrong colour too and then she quickly corrects me.  Oh yes, she is a clever bunny!
Two handed chopstick style.  DSC_8955
Picking up pompoms takes great concentrationDSC_8958
I love how she has her little feet tucked under herDSC_8963
A video of my little lamb working on her project.  Before I went over she was chattering away to herself which she does often and it was oh so cute!  You hear a little bit of it at the beginning.  Heh…she is her mother’s daughter!
While she continued playing I checked some emails.  When I peeked back around the couch I had to laugh.  I think her neat little bowls of pompoms had decided to throw themselves all over the floor!DSC_8964
Tidying up is something that still needs lots of encouragement and mommy’s participation but we’re getting there.  Today when it was time we made quick work of cleaning up the pompoms together.
Hannah enjoyed this sorting game for over 20 minutes so I know it’s an activity we’ll be doing again.
On another note, we’re trying an experiment and it’s going pretty well.  Hannah has learned the difference between ‘stop’ and ‘go’ and with all the craft and activity supplies we’re accumulating I made signs for this bin and began to store things in there.DSC_8969
The green ‘go’ drawers mean she’s welcome to take out the things in there and play with them at anytime she wants.  In those drawers are crayons, paper, pompoms, pipe cleaners, stickers and we’ll be adding more things as time goes on.  The red ‘stop’ drawers contain things she can play with but must ask Mommy first, mainly so that I know she’s got those items out.  In the ‘stop’ drawers are play-doh, glue, markers and eventually will be scissors but right now those stay up where I can give them to her and watch carefully err a piggy be removed!
I have been finding lots of great activities for Hannah on Pinterest and will be sharing more of those here.  It’s wonderful how much fun this website has added to the time we share together.


  1. Very fun activity and she looks like she's really enjoying and concentrating on it.

  2. Cute idea, that pom pom sorting and chopstick manuevering!


  3. She really is amazing!

  4. Great idea! Thanks for the comment on Xanthe's eye. I dealt with the idea of it a long time ago, but Xanthe is just now "getting" it, so now we have to process it all over again! It's good to have insight from others that acknowledges that it is an issue instead of trying to solve it. I hate it when people say, "Well, have you tried vision therapy? Glasses? Been to a doctor?" Um, yeah, of course we have! So thanks for going beyond that! :) I'm so glad we're friends!

  5. Good Job Hannah! I've noticed that she's been doing really well with her colours and counting lately. Great idea using the 'stop' and 'go' signs.

  6. Wow! You are such a great mom...always trying new things with beautiful little Hannah. Please tell me your secret...where do you get all your energy? I'm in serious need of some these days.

    Where did you get Hannah's chopsticks? Are they just for play or can you also use them for learning to eat with?

    I know what you mean about teasing--Charlotte does it all the time and I think it's so cute.

    Mommy has lots of bins with her own craft items, collected for many years. I had hoped one day to share some of these with Charlotte, but a lot of the items are too advanced. I like the idea of stop and go signs. Maybe it's time for Charlotte to have her own bins.

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I really do need to take some time and navigate Pinterest.

    Hugs and kisses to precious Hannah. We'll set up a playdate really soon.

  7. I love to hear Hannah talk, it's so clear for a toddler. Great activity, I wish my kids were younger. ;)

  8. What a great activity! Smart cookie! Pinterest is such a treasure trove of ideas.

    Keep smilin!

  9. Way to go Hannah. I LOVE the idea of the stop and go drawers!!

  10. Hi Catherine,

    Just saw your note on my blog. Yes we are still in line and waiting, and we are so close. Our LID is 8/11/06. Thanks for checking up on us. You are indeed a great mom. I hope I can be like that when our little one finally gets here.


  11. Now that looks like a great activity for busy hands!

  12. I love that idea. I may have to try it with my nephew.


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