Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Guts? No Way!

Hannah`s really adventurous so I was sure she`d enjoy digging deep into the pumpkin to pull out all the slimy, gooey pumpkin guts! 

Yah….not so much!  :o)

While she napped I`d prepped the pumpkin by cutting the top off and scooping the gook off the sides and bottom but leaving it in the pumpkin.   (Thankfully in the morning I’d taken a quick look at our pumpkin in the garage as I realized that it rotted and a quick trip back to the pumpkin farm was needed to buy a replacement.  Note to self:  Next year leave pumpkin outside as the garage isn’t cold enough.  Oops!)

When she woke I she was excited to see her pumpkin on the counter and quickly ran to get the little one she`d coloured at daycare last week.  I took the top off and asked if she wanted to pull out the guts?  She took one peek, and sniff and declared that pumpkin guts are yucky!  Heh….so much for Mom’s photo op she’d planned!DSC_9155

She didn’t mind me digging it out and eventually tried to hold a couple of pumpkin seeds but wasn’t really into the whole cleaning out the pumpkin thing.  That was ok.DSC_9152

She lost interest pretty quick which in reality worked okay as I needed to carve our image.  I’m sure Hannah’s choice will come as a surprise to none of you! 


I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a number of years but it went ok.  The pic above had lots of details that I ignored but the finished  product made Hannah happy and truly that’s all that matters! DSC_9159


Hannah posing with her first pumpkin!  Cuteness abounds!DSC_9170

(I was blessed to be chosen by Lisa as a winner of one of her great photography classes intended to help people with DSLR cameras get out of the Auto mode.  Umm…yah, that was me.  I’ve had the camera for 2 1/2 years and still took 95% of my pics in auto.  I’ve only had one class and am also trying out a new lens so please ignore some of the fuzzy pics.  I love the blurry background but I’m still working on how to keep the subject as crisp and clear as I want it.  I’ll get there.  Just more practice needed!)


  1. Cute Jack O'Lantern! It is stinky and gooey. That is why hubs carved ours!!!

    Keep smilin!

  2. I loved that she wouldn't touch the guts in the pumpkin but was okay about touching what was in Mommy's hands :)


  3. I touch the guts so that I can have the seeds. The seeds are what matter here!

  4. Oh that video is preicless. But then again it's Hannah and she too is priceless.
    My fathers wife takes Lisa's classes and loves her and them.

  5. Maisie doesn't like pumpkin guts either, it's a girly thing. Great job on the carving and adorable pictures.

  6. Too cute!

    Z was complete opposite. He loved playing in the pumpkin guts. It must be a boy thing. :-)


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