Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seriously….Could She Be Any Cuter??!!!

Today you’re going to catch a glimpse of my amazing Hannah in action!  I am blessed to be surrounded by her sweet personality all the time but this time it was captured in video form for all of you to enjoy.  This is one of those videos you may want to bookmark for those days when you need a little pick-me-up!  I know I’ll be doing that.


This coming Friday is Grandma Dale’s birthday and we celebrated at lunch on Sunday.  Saturday afternoon Hannah and I made a card for her using her sweet little hand and footprints.

Getting her supplies readyIMG_2804

Green toesIMG_2807

Orange fingersIMG_2810

The finished product before Hannah’s awesome personalizationIMG_2829

It takes many to blow out the candlesIMG_2823

Happy Birthday Grandma Dale!  We love you!!!  xoxoIMG_2825


  1. Sweet card!! I'll bet Grandma Dale with treasure it.

    Happy birthday Grandma Dale! (does she read the blog?)

  2. Hannah is SUPER-SWEET!! I love her tickly nature and her sweet laughter. Also, that craft is SO FUN!! Happy Birthday to dear Grandma Dale!

  3. She's way too sweet! :) Love that card!! Happy Birthday to Grandma Dale.

  4. Sweetest laugh!

    Hand/foot print pictures are the easiest and so original. Love the card!

    I hope Grandma Dale had a great birthday!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Happy birthday Grandma Dale! I am betting Hannah loved helping blow out the candles.

    Great card idea, you will be betting that I will be using that idea soon :-)

  6. Nope! She can't get any cuter! LOL! I love how she giggles when she is tickled!!!

  7. She is so cute! What a great birthday party! I love the feet/hand flower. Awesome.

  8. And you are so sweet with her . . .


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