Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Snip Here and A Little Cut There!

You would think Hannah won the lottery tonight!  For the first time ever she was given some little scissors to use and oh, the squeals of glee!  Before they were in her hand we had a talk about what she is able to cut: )Paper and only paper mommy says is ‘okay.’   Hopefully she remembers that for a very long time but I’m sure she’ll accomplish that right of passage someday and mommy will find little wisps (I hope it’s only wisps!) of beautiful black hair somewhere other than on her head.  Oye!  Already dreading that!IMG_2747

But for tonight, it was construction paper at the ready and an independent little girl with her own scissor style.  Picking my battles, it was easier just to let her have fun tonight with her own creative way of holding the scissors.IMG_2746

Hannah enjoyed this activity for well over half an hour and just kept snipping away and talking about how proud everyone would be of her!  She can’t wait to show her new skill to all her loved ones so if you see us within the next week or so, be prepared to be wowed with some awesome scissor skills!


This pic makes me giggle as does the video after it.  As I watched her cut away I noticed that most times her little tongue went in and out with each little snip.  So cute!IMG_2752

Cutting is exhausting work!


We had a few minutes after the paper play before it was time for bed so Hannah pulled out her Duplo blocks.  IMG_2759What fun to build a tower with her!  We haven’t played with these for a month or so and I was totally impressed with how her skills had changed and improved even in that very short amount of time!

Way to go Hannah XiaoFen!!  Awesome tower!IMG_2760


  1. Very nifty! I always worry that they are going to cut a finger or something.

    She is getting to be so big and as sweet as always!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Sweet and cute as always. It's amazing to see her motor skills getting so refined.

  3. Catherine thank you SO much for stopping by. Hannah is just stunning xxx

  4. Way to go, Hannah!!! I bought scissors for the twins, but I got freaked out when they started putting their fingers inside the scissors, so they've been put away for the time being. :/


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