Monday, October 24, 2011

More Farm Fun

Saturday morning after gymnastics Hannah and I headed to a local farm to meet up with Auntie K, Uncle J, Chick and Pea.  As I was driving I was thinking how blessed we are to live in a city with all it’s amenities and literally within a 5 minute drive we are in the country surrounded by farms.  Since Hannah has been home fall has taken on a whole new meaning as there are so many great things to do together as a family!

At the farm the kids had fun jumping and sliding in the jumping castle over and over again and the girls enjoyed face paining while Pea decided he was just fine with his cute little face as is.  I thought Hannah might like a cute little pumpkin cheek but she was set on a pink and purple flower that matched her coat.  It didn’t stay on long but was cute while it lasted.

We were able to visit the free range chickensIMG_2790

and even hold an egg fresh from the chicken  IMG_2789

Peeking into the barnIMG_2791

A wagon ride is always a hit!  IMG_2792


The final event of the day for us was decorating a pumpkin.  IMG_2798

Hannah fell asleep on our way home from the farm but reminded me this morning that we still needed to take pics of her with her adorable, colourful pumpkin!IMG_2816

Next weekend….pumpkin carving.


  1. Such fun times you and your girl enjoy. Have fun with the pumpkin carving.

  2. What a fun morning with you!! Chick and Pea had a great time with Hannah and we look forward to our next adventure!

  3. I love all the adventures you have!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Looks like a great day, even though she looks less than thrilled by the fresh egg :)


  5. Here from Two Kayaks, where K talks about you so often that I feel like I know you...

    I noticed that your ticker says that a very special day is almost here -- an early Happy Forever Family Day to you and Hannah!

  6. What fun! I just LOVE Hannah's hat and cost, so cute!!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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