Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Playing the Bobble Game

Speaking of favourite times of the day, I also enjoy our final cuddle time right before Hannah goes to bed for the night.  This is the only bottle of the day I get to give her so I cherish this precious time. 

Somewhere along the way we began to play this little game before her bottle and it’s now a nightly tradition.  I love how she throws herself back when offered the choice of a bottle.  Now Mama?  I would choose chocolate over a bottle every day!

As Hannah drinks her bottle we say our bedtime prayers normally while she holds my fingers in hers.  When she first came home she wouldn’t let anyone, including myself, touch her little hands.  Now, not only does she let me hold hers, she now reaches out to hold mine at various times during the day and night.  There is nothing sweeter than waking up to her precious little hand slipping itself into mine.  Oh yes, nothing better!


  1. I love it! She is so cute. Maylin still loves her sippy cup. She only gets it at bedtime too and she loves that moment.

    Isn't it wonderful to have them?

  2. So sweet! I love having her hand in mine. Best feeling.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I miss you. I was going through picures on my computer this afternoon and your visit popped up. Avery was screaming HANNAH!! HANNAH!! Brought tears to my eyes.


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