Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just When I Think She’s Tried Everything….

…she does this!   Check out the proud little look on her face!!

As I finished preparing supper (Okay, Does reheating pasta purchased at the grocery store and throwing a pre-made pancake into the microwave count as ‘making supper?’.  A funky combo for sure but both got ‘yah’ answers when I asked if she wanted them) I asked Hannah if she was ready to eat.  She yelled ‘Yay!!’ and ran for her high chair.  Normally I pull it out of it’s storage place but today she carefully manoeuvred it by the Christmas tree and into the middle of the room.  As I was complimenting her on her great driving skills she began to climb up the back.  Knowing it’s got a great base that can hold her weight I waited to see what would happen.  I was as surprised as you when she climbed up and in!  So much so that I asked her to do it again as I grabbed my Flip to catch this moment.

It’s more than a little frightening to think about what she might try to climb next!

And the Christmas tree?  It still proves to be a great source of entertainment for Hannah as she plays with the decorations daily.   Saturday morning she decided she needed help reaching the snowman Mama had carefully placed out of her reach.  Creative isn’t she??DSC_6124

Sadly she did reach this cute little snowman on Sunday morning and he was laid to rest (all 300 itty bitty pieces of him) in the kitchen garbage can.  Mama was sad as I really wanted this ornament to be one I put on the tree each year as it was the first one she ever made for our tree.  Ange (awesome, amazing, wonderful daycare provider!!!) to the rescue though as I purchased a new plastic ornament today – they only had glass when she went – and so after getting a couple of instructions from Ange, Hannah will make Snowman II to adorn our tree for years to come!  Oh how happy this makes me!

Only once have I heard ‘Uh oh!!’ and turned to see this: DSC_6148

I’m guessing she thinks if her back is to the tree I won’t figure out what happened!  DSC_6149To the best of my knowledge she wasn’t trying to climb the tree when it fell but since I wasn’t watching at the time and given the acceleration of her climbing skills I’m guessing only the angel on top and the snowman decoration watching her really know what happened for sure.  And yes, that’s the angel doing a nose dive on the dining room floor. 

The tree was quickly righted and the angel placed atop once again.  Will it be the last time the tree takes a tumble?  One really never knows since it will probably be up for another couple of weeks.  Will keep you posted!


  1. My oldest nephew was a climber-what heart attacks my mother and sister had trying to find that boy sometimes! He would, quite literally, be in the trees somewhere and there are a lot of trees around us!

    good luck,

  2. well if that doesn't take the cake!!

  3. meant to sign nanomynous around the corner

  4. Wow Max would be so jealous, he wants so much to be able to get into his high chair by himself!

  5. I have two kiddos. The first was not a climber--the 2nd was (is). They are both older now, but I can say in hindsight that letting the climber climb almost anything she wanted was an excellent decision. She learned very quickly how to balance herself and what it felt like when something was going wrong so she'd jump down. To this day she is more sure-footed than her big brother.

  6. We're much like you in that we let the twins climb on what they think they can climb. Of course, we are right there if things go awry. I'd rather they learn by doing, than here "NO" every second. Sure they will fall and sometimes get hurt, but it's better that they figure it out for themselves, I think.
    As for the tree...well, seeing your poor tree on the floor makes me glad we did the "gentle" approach. LOL!

  7. I wonder what your poor tree will look like by Christmas!! My daughter loves to rearrage our ornaments too and the tree is so much fun for her. She makes paper ornaments and puts all sorts of things on the tree to "help" decorate it. I found a dish towel on the tree the other day!


  8. OMW, Spiderman's got nothing on your girl!

    Love the way she is really enjoying (demolishing) your tree.
    Have a wonderful Christmas....as if I need to say that.

  9. She really is amazing, your little gymnast! :)

  10. I'd say you have your hands full . . . in the most wonderful way.

  11. I'm an enthousiastic follower (from Holland) of the beautiful journey of you and your precious daughter.

    Today I fount on the internet the 'Disney Princess Christmas album' and had to think of you two great Disney fans!

    So here's my first comment on you great blog!


    (I downloaded it, so if you are interested, I can send it to you)

  12. Hi Paulien,

    Nice to meet you. Sorry, I don't have any way to contact you but if you read this I would be interested in seeing the album. My email is linked to the blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Oh my! Ellie is *loving* watching H climb into her chair! Looks like you're always on your toes at your house! =)

  14. She is quite the little monkey climbing all over the place! And a very brave soul too.


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