Friday, December 31, 2010

A Little Glimpse into Life with My Little Lamb

Tonight didn’t end up quite as we planned as one child was sick so we’ve postponed our New Year’s celebration until Sunday.  It’s more important to us that we get together as a group than what day it is on the calendar.

It ended up being a really good thing for Hannah and I too as when I picked her up from daycare she had a fever.  She had an ear infection 2 weeks ago and just finished antibiotics on Tuesday so I’m hoping it’s not that.  Unfortunately her history is that a fever is one of her only symptoms of an ear infection.  We may end up taking a trip to urgent care tomorrow if her fever returns. It was gone by the time she went to bed courtesy of Advil and Tylenol.  Poor lamb – I sure do hate it when she’s sick!  We did enjoy a fun evening at home together snuggling on the couch, reading, watching a couple of her shows on TV and playing.  There is no other place on the entire world I’d rather be than home with my little love when she’s sick.

What I would like to share with you are a couple of videos captured yesterday and today.  Life with Hannah XiaoFen is absolutely amazing and she seems to be growing and changing right before my eyes every single day!  I love to hear her little voice and new words are emerging daily.  I love how she initiates words now too rather than just repeating what is said to her.  The other day when we walked outside she covered her eyes and said, ‘Mama!  Sunny!’  Cool!!  Yesterday it was when she walked up to a new picture of her that I’d just framed and said, ‘Mama!  Shao Shao!’  She often refers to herself as Hannah but this was the first time I’d heard her call herself ‘Shao Shao’ which is one of the nicknames I use regularly.  Oh how it warmed my heart!

Here she is during some of our playtime yesterday.  She is still a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan and received these little characters for Christmas.  I love how she (mis)pronounces each character’s name and yes, ‘Mimmie’ refers to both Mickey and Minnie for her. 

I have been trying all week to capture Hannah’s adorable little ‘Santa Santa Ho Ho Ho!’ and finally managed to do it….kinda. I think it’s adorable and wanted to have it for a keepsake.  She says it numerous times each day but like any 22 month old she decides when she’ll say it and normally it’s not when the camera is rolling.  :o)

Hannah and I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2011!


  1. Hannah would be great friends with our 28 month old grandson, as he is a huge Mickey fan. I've almost memorized the song. He and his cousin, 26 months old, both love to lean over my laptop and say, Again!

    Hope Hannah is feeling better so that you can enjoy your night out.


  2. Happy New Year!!! Hope Hannah is lots better today, hope this New year gets better and better for you two !!! Keep enjoying every minute of everyday ! How blessed.

  3. Oh, how your Shao Shao makes me giggle! Happy New Year, y'all!

  4. Right back atcha! I love the Santa Ho Ho Ho song!! She is the sweetest!


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