Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Think She’s Contagious?

Heh!  What fun it was to watch Hannah with this little sheet of stickers.  She kept adding more and more to her cute little face.




The funny thing was she was having a great time until she caught sight of herself in the mirror and then she wanted them off right away.


  1. Aidan always put stickers on his face when we first got him. Adorable.


  2. Too cute!
    Sarah loved putting stickers on everything - one day I found one on our poor dog Bear - he took it well but I think he was embarassed

  3. OH NO! Looks to me like an aCUTE case of sticker-pox.

  4. Oh Catherine,
    Molly got some in her stocking and they could have been her only present. lol. We find her covered, us covered, and we find them EVERYWHERE! Aren't stickers wonderful?
    She looks adorable.

  5. i'm glad to finally catch up on your blog posts! it's been awhile! i'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas ( and wonderful time at your office on Christmas Eve day!!) God is so good isn't He! I have tears in my eyes as I write this..oh my goodness..love those hormones! Happy New Year! Love and prayers, Karyne

  6. Oh, for cute!
    This reminds me of a book my kids had when they were very young about "Wemmicks". There were dots involved in that teaching story about passing judgements on people and staying in touch with our Creator to keep a proper perspective of ourselves and others.
    Happy New Year to your sweet family!


  7. What a little stiCker! She is so adorable, Catherine. You are so blessed. But I know you know that. *grin*


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