Friday, December 24, 2010

Hannah’s Interpretation of the Story of Jesus’ Birth

Hannah has a great little FP nativity set.  Most days we play with the people and animals and retell the story of Jesus’ birth and the scene looks something like this:DSC_6250

With the exception of 1 AWOL king it’s pretty much the way it goes.

The other night Hannah decided to mix things up a bit and her interpretation was hilarious!  I love her creativity!  The angel atop the stable has been replaced with a sheep.  Makes sense.  And, each of the fence posts where she could find a spot she placed one of the characters.  Cute!DSC_6240


I have another post to put up about a new Christmas tradition.  Will try to get it up later today.


  1. Nothing wrong with standing atop a wall to get a better view ;)

    Thinking of you and your girl this Christmas...may it be a wonderful one.

    Hannah is just beautiful!

  2. Too cute! Merry Christmas!


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