Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Weekend We've Waited Over 3 months For!!

What a wonderful gift this weekend was! Grandpa has been in the hospital for 3 months now and this weekend was an extra special treat as we were able to bring him home for the day Saturday and then again on Sunday!! Two weeks ago 'the system' moved him to a new hospital which rather than being 5 minutes from family is now 35 minutes away. The added drive has been a challenge but we have still managed to work it out that someone is with Grandpa each day and again in the evenings. After a bit of regression when he was first moved, Grandpa has been getting increasingly stronger and healthier and last week we thanked God that the catheter which had been causing him great pain was removed. He's done really well without it and we're praying he can continue without it! It's amazing what you find yourself praying for when a loved one is ill. :o)

Here are some pics of the weekend we shared together.

Grandpa enjoying time at Sharon's. When he first got into the car he was quiet but told us he was just 'soaking it all in.'

Entertaining us with the one piece he plays on the piano.

Helping Larry with the lunch dishes. Hey, it couldn't be all play and no work could it? Grandpa loves to do the dishes and was in his glory doing some normal daily tasks. Hmmm...wonder if I can convince him next time that he'd like to dust my place?

Sharon and Grandma sharing time together. We're all so thankful for the gift of having Grandpa home this weekend!! Thank you Lord!

Cuddling on the swing, just like old times.

Relaxing on the front lawn, just enjoying being outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Things we take for granted the Grandpa now appreciates so much!

Smooching on the front lawn. Caught ya!

A sweet hug for Sharon when he found out that we were going to return again Sunday morning, take him to church and home for the remainder of the day.

Sunday was another wonderful day and Grandpa went home for a few hours to the home he shares with Grandma. An emotional day and he did so well but oh how it broke our hearts to take him back to the hospital again this evening. Already planning for the next time we can bring him home!

Love you so much Grandpa!! xoxo


  1. That is so wonderful!! I only hope and pray and plan to work that one day hubs and I are still so in love and devoted to each other. Special family times.

    Keep smilin!

  2. LOVE IT.. this post made me cry.
    SO happy for you and your family..

  3. SO sweet - it made me a little teary :-)

  4. The picture of Grandma and Grandpa on the swing brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome photo! What a blessing to have him home for two days in a row!


  5. Yay! Those pictures are so sweet - it warms my heart!

  6. Catherine!! These are the BEST pictures and ones you all will treasure for years and years and years!!!

    So thankful to God for grandpa's continued strength!

    Love you!!!

  7. What a sweet post. I too had a wee tear. I'm glad that he had just as much of a good time as you obviously had.

  8. What a blessing that Grandpa got to go home for awhile. How wonderful to see him and his wife still so happy together. I love to see older people still together so long and loving each other. It's an inspiration to so many.
    Praying that Grandpa will be able to go home more and more and enjoy the rest of his life with loved ones. Linda

  9. What a wonderful blessing!! I will continue to pray for Grandpa's to regain his strength... :)

  10. Oh bless, such special times. Hope that he has many more days at home with his family in the future.

  11. This is a beautiful post. I love the picture of them on the swing and when you caught them kissing. What a beautiful couple!


  12. Amazing! It looks as though this is a family with a million blessings.

  13. That is so great that he was able to come out for the weekend, Seeing your grandparents on that swing together bought tears to my eye' sweet.

  14. What great news for Grandpa! Sorry I missed you birthday, my friend.... China, NO BLOGGER, Tate! You are sooooo close! Easily they can do the 9 days! Fingers crossed for a huge montha!


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