Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day of Fun from Beginning to End!! Part I - Monterey Aquarium

Saturday was a wonderful day of family fun!! We began the day bright and early and headed to the Monterey Aquarium. What a great place with tons of beautiful fish and so many other interesting things too! Fun!!

Daddy helping Ree climb her favourite rock

Ro imitating the fish that swim with their mouths wide open

Ro and the shiny fish

Climbing the seahorse in the seahorse exhibit which was fascinating!

A huge school of fish! They were so interesting to watch!

Family fun at the hands-on water exhibit

My mermaid impression.


  1. The pic of you in the clam shell is great!!! Such a cute mermaid! Ohh the Aquarium is a special place to our family, lots of wonderful memories and the place where Mike proposed. Love that place! Glad you got to enjoy it.

  2. Love the mermaid photo..
    you go girl..
    Looks like your trip has been AMAZING..
    Can't wait for more..
    how long are you there.???

  3. I really enjoy your postings with those 2 little ones, and their fantastic parents!!

    Slowly catching up over here, & getting very excited about how many days between u & your precious Hannah's referral.

    That clamshell pic is adorable!! LoL

    *hugs* from your 2 buddies in FL.


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