Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank You and Friday Fun at the Pool!!

THANK YOU for all your comments of excitement and encouragement! As M3 and I were talking in the car tonight after another great day together (will blog more tomorrow) we talked about what a wonderful blessing our blogs and the friendships they have introduced us to, are!! I am humbled over and over again by the people who have taken an interest in my little corner of the world and more importantly, in Hannah's adoption!! I have had the privilege of meeting many of you in person and many new friendships have been formed in person, or here via the blog. Even though many of us have never met face to face, you are appreciated and thought of as friends! I said to M3 that I feel badly for those who have missed this opportunity of meeting people who share such a unique bond. You have been and continue to be an encouragement as Hannah and I prepare to meet one another. Also, many of you are ahead of me and already have your children home and you will be my source of contact when I face the many new situations that will come with having a daughter who will most likely have spent the first number of months of her life being cared for in an orphanage. Your experiences will be ones that I draw on again and again. Hannah's referral may be just around the corner but our friendships have just begun! That's exciting!

Also, kudos to M and M for picking up on the pictures taken at home before I left for vacation. Just prior to locking up my desk to head out I remembered to take a series of pictures of potential referral groups. I must admit that as I took more and more beads out of the jar on the left and moved them to the right, my heart beat a little (ok...A LOT) faster!! I can't wait to go back to work on Tuesday and move the beads for real! Wow...6 beads over and only 3 left!! (The stats located in the sidebar will also be changed once returning to work as those files are located on my work computer.) An updated referral statistics chart (tracking referrals for the past 3 1/2 years) will be uploaded then too.

For now I want to share some pics and videos of Friday afternoon's pool fun. The girls have changed immensely as these pictures show.
Ree 2008

Ree 2009

Ro 2008

Ro 2009

Check out how independant they are this year!!

Using me as a human jungle gym which you can tell I don't mind one single bit!!

During our time at the pool Tuba Dad came home from his business trip. I saw him coming so was able to catch the girl's excitement on video. Too cute!!!

Once dad was there he was the only one they wanted to be with and who could blame them!! Catching Dad up on all the adventures of their week.

Happy Father's Day Tuba Dad!!


  1. Such fun times and passing on a Happy Fathers day to tuba dad!

  2. How FUN.. I heard you got to meet an amazing lady..
    Looks like the girls are having soooo much fun.
    love the video when Daddy came home..
    Have a great Sunday..

  3. Catherine it was SO wonderful to meet you yesterday, so wonderful. God has such an amazing plan for us and just knowing that he is in charge is the best part. Look where his plan led us during this a beach in California!! Someday we will be at that beach again playing and chasing OUR girls around, I can't wait till that day is here.

    Enjoy your day with everyone and all the great sunshine on this Father's Day!

  4. How much fun is that??? Looks like you are having the time of your life with some very cool peeps. Loving the pictures and the video!


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