Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To Track or Not To Track?

Uh oh! I can already tell I'm going to be in BIG trouble come referral time! I've often read of friends anxiously tracking their referral packages, seemingly wishing a GPS was attached so they could follow it up every street and around every corner. Did I think I'd be the same? Yes!

(On a sidenote....having watched many people's videos of the UPS guy delivering their referral packages, these people should get 'Danger Pay!' A normal, quiet delivery is often met with an anxious, tear filled parent running down the sidewalk, accepting the package and hugging this poor unsuspecting delivery guy! Wonder how many UPS guys are used to having their picture and video taken during an average day? Probably not many but it happens with referrals and I plan on being just the same! Ooooo....can't wait!!)

Back to my original post. For myself, I didn't anticipate was how soon the 'tracking bug' would hit me! Yesterday I checked on my Dossier's trip to Toronto (about 30km) at least 5 times! If I've got the tracking bug already I'm not sure how I'll stand it come referral time.

Hmmm....wonder if anyone has figured out how to put a GPS tracking device on the stork from China? Can we strap a webcam around his neck as he flies my baby's picture home to Canada for the very first time?

PS - Just received notification from Canada Post that my Dossier was delivered to my agency yesterday morning! Woohoo! Doing the happy dance!

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