Monday, February 13, 2006

'Bring Me Hope'

As time draws closer to my file winging it's way to China, I often wonder if my daughter has been born yet? Is she still safe and warm, protected within her birth mother? Has she been born and is still with this wonderful woman as she prepares to make the greatest sacrifice of her life? Could today be the day she is wrapped warmly, placed in a safe place and watched from a distance until she if found and taken to an orphanage? Is she already in an orphanage being cared for by nannies who love her? Has she been placed in foster care to spend her early days as part of a family?

I won't have answers to these questions for almost a year, but what I know brings me peace when my heart aches. I know that wherever she is, God is watching over her, caring for her, hearing her every cry and feeling her every breath on His cheek. I cannot physically hold her in my arms right now, so I'll try to be content holding her in my heart.

The following link is to a wonderful video called, 'Bring Me Hope.' Grab a tissue and enjoy. (The 7 min. version is wonderful!) Video: Bring Me Hope.

My daughter is one starfish that because of God's great love and provision in my life, I will make a difference for.

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