Monday, February 06, 2006

Dossier Couriered to Agency!

I'm excited to tell you that just minutes ago my Dossier was couriered to Open Arms! Once received by my agency it will be reviewed and if all documents are present and complete (I checked them a dozen times!) then all we'll be waiting for is Ministry Approval.

The current wait for Ministry Approval is 10-12 weeks and I'll be hitting the 10 week mark this Thursday so hopefully it will come soon. I may be 'Dossier to China' (DTC) this month!!! Once that happens, the countdown to baby Hannah can begin!

I was shaking as I put the final touches on my Dossier and also as I handed it over to the postal clerk but it was a good, excited shaking! At this point my 'paperchase' is officially complete and now it's in the hands of my agency and the China Centre for Adoption Affairs. I'm so thankful that over all those people, God is in control and in His perfect timing, each step of the process takes place.

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