Sunday, February 26, 2006

Amazing Generosity of a Friend!

Last August a friend found out about my adoption plans and was thrilled to hear the news! Shortly after that, I received an email from her again sharing her excitement. She also offered something totally amazing! She has offered me the clothes that her little girl out grows. Wow! What a wonderful offer and one I was so happy to accept.

I still remember being a little girl and receiving bags of clothes at various times from my older cousin. It was like Christmas each time I opened a bag and pulled out my new wardrobe. I always loved clothes shopping with my Mom but getting Patty Ann's hand-me-downs was a treat too.

When I went to Lori's a couple of weeks ago she had 2 diaper boxes (fun packaging to me!) filled to overflowing with beautiful baby girl clothes for Hannah! It was fun to touch and hold each piece both when she showed them to me and also when I unpacked them and hung some in the closet. They're so tiny! It's hard to believe that next year I will have a daughter who will be wearing these beautiful clothes.

Thank you Lori!!!


  1. I love hand-me-downs! Gorgeous little dress!!

  2. Wow! Hannah is going to have a lot of clothes once she gets here!!

  3. I also love hand-me-downs! I love the pink striped dress, it is beautiful.

    I see lots of pink in the pictures!!


  4. Gosh - your little girl has a serious clothes closet going on there! How fun!

  5. At our house, we call them "hand me ups!" We love! You have quite the stash's feeling more tangible as each day brings you closer...

    So happy for you, Catherine!


  6. That is awesome!! Personally I spent a long time being sad because friends and siblings were all having babies. You know what -now being the last of my friends and siblings to have kids is kind of working out. Enjoy!!


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