Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Thomas and Sweet Friends

(Wednesday, February 26, 2014 – AM)

We woke Wednesday morning in St. Thomas having sailed there overnight and docked earlier in the morning.  Today we had an AM excursion booked which one again ended up being the same that Tonya’s family had booked.  It was great for the kids to have one another to hang out with on our excursion.  IMG_2614

Hannah was ready to go!  ‘C’mon everyone!!  Follow the guy with the Blue Mickey sign!’IMG_2568

This time we boarded open air jeeps with 5 rows of seats.  A much nicer ride and a bonus was that we could hear our driver too.  We enjoyed this tour much more than the last one!  It was called the, ‘Best of St. Thomas Island Tour and Shopping’.  Our ride for the day:IMG_2609

This tour basically took us all over the island and stopped at about 5 different lookout points that (surprise, surprise!) each had shopping available at them too.  Some were tiny stalls but the final one was a huge store that Hannah and I didn’t even put a dent in!

The kids (ok, Hannah!) asked if they could sit together this trip.  We were all in splits when we looked over a few minutes into the drive and saw this!!  LOL – I don’t think Jacob knew what to make of this!IMG_2580

I stand corrected.  Daddy wasn’t as happy about this as he ‘lost his boy.’  Heehee!


The kids were adorable though and so good.  When we’d make our stops they’d get out of the ship, take one another’s hand and check out the new location.IMG_2584

Our ship in the distance.IMG_2585

Another lookout.  Breathtaking!!IMG_2591

Still amazed by the colour of the water!IMG_2592


Can you stand the cuteness??IMG_2597

After our tour Jacob went back to the ship with Daddy for a nap while the girls went shopping.  No surprises there!IMG_2611

Hannah also found a place where she could try out the steel drums that she’d heard a band playing the previous day in St. Martin.  There was a ‘please do not touch’ sign on the drum so Hannah was just looking at it.  We didn’t realize one of the store staff was watching her and she came over, removed the sign and gave Hannah the mallet to try out the drum.  I love how gentle Hannah was!


It was early afternoon when we made our way back to the ship.   The weather was absolutely perfect and you know this was a welcome sight was we neared our ship!  Another special detail that makes Disney ‘Disney’!  Cold water, lemon water, watermelon water, lemonade and iced tea.  So refreshing!!IMG_2615


We thoroughly enjoyed our time in St. Thomas!


  1. Love the shots of the water taken from the lookouts! So beautiful! Glad to hear the St. Thomas tour was better!

  2. St. Thomas is one of my very favourite islands to visit--so much little time. Did I tell you about the time the ship almost left without me, as I shopped too long. All my friends were hanging over the edge of the deck looking for me, and then when they spotted me, they all started calling me and encouraging me to hurry, as the staff were about to lift the plank. Yikes! That was pretty scary.

    Love the images of Hannah with her precious friend Jacob. Did they exchange emails to keep in touch?

    1. Lol! You crazy girl! I did buy a sweet ring for myself but unfortunately already lost one of the teeny tiny stones. Need to take it to a jeweller to check the claws and put something in that spot. Guess that's what happens when I shopped in the $99 display cabinet! :). Still like it though!

      Yes, we exchanged emails and have been keeping in touch! More about that to come.

  3. So beautiful! Now I want to visit the Caribbean! But only on a Disney cruise. I love the ice cold drink idea!

  4. Ahhh! Loving your play-by-play, but it is so making me wish I were somewhere tropical! We really want to do this with Lucy and Hudson one day, so thanks for all the tips and details. Glad you ladies are having such a wonderful time!

  5. I have been following your blog you, love Hannah, love Disney. I just teared up reading that the worker removed the sign so Hannah could try the steel drum...that is awesome.


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