Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And The Birthday Celebrations Continued!

(Thursday, February 27)

Unfortunately as supper began Hannah had a bit of a sore tummy but thankfully she turned the corner after a bit and was able to enjoy the rest of her birthday.  Poor pet not feeling well on her birthday.

This evening we were dining at Animator’s Palate and it was going to be a wonderful new experience for all of us.  We were asked to arrive at the dining room 5 minutes earlier than normal and each of us were given a place mat and marker and asked to draw a figure.  Hannah’s cute little gal.IMG_2778

This is what they did with out pictures.  So cool!!

Jacob and his family gave Hannah a couple of beautiful gifts and even though at the time she was pretty subdued due to her tummy, she’s played with them often and always talks about Jacob giving them to her.  Such a sweet friendship these little ones share!IMG_2779

Poor little Jacob, he was so concerned when Hannah wasn’t feeling well.  When she perked up he perked up too.  Sweet boy!!


I didn’t take a lot of pictures of our food but had to capture this amazing lobster tail!  It was huge and oh so delicious!!IMG_2783

My sweet birthday girl on the mend.IMG_2791

Birthday wishes for my sweet girl.  She was absolutely glowing!!

On our way back to our stateroom we stopped to capture some special pictures.  Priceless treasures of this most amazing trip!!  We love you Hannah!!IMG_2794 - Copy

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I love you more than words can express!!! xoxoxoIMG_2797 - Copy


  1. Beautiful family photos. I love the animation of your drawings. Isn't it wonderful what Disney technology can do!

    Sorry to hear that Hannah didn't feel 100% on her birthday of all days. Glad to see that she was able to overcome her sore tummy and enjoy the festivities.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!!!!! You certainly do know how to celebrate!!!!!


  3. The bottom picture of the two of you is stunning.

  4. I'm glad to hear her tummy troubles didn't get in the way of her having a fun birthday! Poor sweetie! I can't believe she's 5! I only have a 4 year old for 1 more month! Our babies are getting so big! Happy Birthday Hannah!


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