Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Enough Already!!!

(I pause from the cruise posts to share this with you.)

This morning as we drove to Ange’s I glanced in my rear-view mirror and started to howl!  This is what I saw!cold 1

Yes, the date on this post is correct.  It’s March 26th but we’re still in ‘deep, deep, deep, deep snow!’  (Couldn’t resist the ‘Frozen’ reference!)

The good news is that temps are supposed to begin climbing tomorrow and I’ve convinced myself that we’ve seen the tail end of winter and spring is on it’s way!  (Yes, I’m in denial!) 

Anyway, Hannah and I will soon have an extra 10 minutes to ourselves each morning when she doesn’t have to put on: snow pants, her winter coat, hat, 2 scarves (the second is a Hannah addition as it’s really windy where she waits for her bus with Ange) and mitts.

So long winter.  Don’t hurry back!


  1. awww you poor things. It must have been so depressing leaving the hot sun knowing you were coming back to snow. Blech.

    1. We've been home a few weeks now and normally spring is 'springing' but not this year. Praying for those on the east coast as there is a terrible storm headed their way.

  2. So does Hannah wear regular clothes under all this & they take it off once they are in the school building? Does she carry another pair of shoes in her backpack or do they just wear their boots?

    1. :o) She is fully dressed under there with pants, a top and often a sweater or hoodie. Her classroom tends to be a little chilly these days as the constant cold temps. I finally put a hoodie in her backpack tonight that she's going to put in her cubby tomorrow to use as she needs it. Wish it hadn't taken me all winter to think of this!!

      The kids keep a pair of 'indoor shoes' in their cubby at school all year round. Even in the spring and fall they wear indoor shoes. The shoes are sent home at Christmas and March Break for parents to check fit and possibly replace if they're too small.

      I finally started wearing shoes to work last week after 4 months of boots and trying to remember to take shoes back and forth. I tend to take them to work on Monday and then home again Friday. Same thing for church on Sunday.

      LOL - So much organization! Now looking at this post I realized we've done pretty well with our organization this winter and only a few times did we arrive somewhere without needed shoes!

  3. Love the look--what a cutie! Charlotte is the total opposite--she doesn't like to be hot, so she is a minimalist when dressing. Often, she goes out without mitts, preferring to stick her hands in her pockets when necessary. She likes the idea of a scarf, usually one of my colourful eyelash ones, but prefers it for fashion rather than function.

    I love seeing the sun earlier in the morning, but some days the temperatures are just way too cold. It's on these days that I'm thankful that Charlotte is not in full-time school, as she would have to go outside for long periods of time in the bitter cold; although, her school is quite good about not sending the children outside when it's below a certain temperature.

    Charlotte has said numerous times that she is "done with winter." I think Charlotte thinks that one morning she will wake up and it will be spring...and maybe it just might happen like that this year. Sun shining and seeing brown grass where there used to be foot upon foot of snow is a good sign that spring is on its way.

  4. What a cutie! Hasn't it been a long, wild winter?!? Far too long, if you ask me! Keira had a mini meltdown this morning because she really wanted to put her rain boots on rather than her winter boots. Nope. It's full winter gear here too and the snow is still piled high. I dislike it intensely. I'd be happy with about two weeks of snow over the Christmas stretch, but that's about it! Each time I think we're making Spring progress, we get dumped on again and/or the temperatures dip drastically. Not fun!


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