Sunday, March 09, 2014

*Character Time and Palo

(Monday, February 24, 2014 - AM)
We woke Monday to another beautiful sunny day!  It was our second day at sea as we sailed towards St. Maarten.  One of the reasons I originally selected this cruise besides that it was the week of Hannah’s birthday was that it included 3 days at sea.  If we were going on a cruise I wanted to give us lots of opportunity to enjoy all that the ship had to offer and I was so thankful for that choice!
Hannah was up early and dressed in her sailing dress.  This is our stateroom door decorated with magnets and a ‘fish extender’ I’d brought from home.  I’ll share more about the fish extender later.  The magnets are characters that represent each of us and are just fun decorations.  I learned a lot about our cruise on DISboards and one of the things was how people bring magnets to decorate their stateroom door.  It was a fun surprise and almost daily I would change them or add new ones.IMG_2338 - Copy
Hannah was up early this morning because there was a new character on board for her to meet and she couldn’t wait!  Anna!!!IMG_2340
After breakfast we set off on a morning of character greetings. Hannah and Daisy in their matching dresses.IMG_2347
Princess paradeIMG_2353
The wait for the princesses was longer so Aladdin stepped in to greet the children as they waited.IMG_2360
Cinderella IMG_2364
Snow WhiteIMG_2375
By now it was mid-morning and Hannah was ready to go to clubs for a while.  She would eat lunch there this day which she though was pretty neat!  Nana and I had some time before we needed to get ready for lunch so we went to our happy place – the upper decks to soak up some sun!  Ahh!! 
A glance to our right showed the family deck, Aquaduck and blue skies as far as the eye could see!IMG_2379
I love the look of the Disney ships from top to bottom.  Fun, bright and classy all at the same time!  IMG_2376
On this day I had booked a special lunch for Sharon and I at a beautiful adults only restaurant called Palo.  It’s located on the 11th deck Aft and the view will take your breath away!!  IMG_2386
Happy Retirement Nana!  We’re so glad you’re here with us!!IMG_2382
The view as we left.  Check out the blue, blue, blue, blue water!  Never had I seen anything like this in my life!  BEAUTIFUL!!!


  1. Loving these updates! What an amazing cruise! So neat Hannah got to see Anna - we didn't get to meet Anna at Disney World because the wait time lasted anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4.5 hours at Epcot! No thank you! ;)

  2. So awesome! So jealous! I do have to say, my favorite pictures feature the toes! Keep partying on!

  3. This makes me want to go to the Caribbean right now! This cruise looks so fun so far & just the right mix of grown up & family time! I am excited to hear about the activities you did in port!

  4. AWWWW!!! So happy to see you are having the best time ever. Kyle and I were doing a rundown of where you were on each day of the cruise!! I am so happy that you had an amazing time. We really need to convince M3 to get her water wings on and plan another cruise!! I think 2017 will be our next one! Can't wait to read more!!! XOXO! Kristina

  5. Loving your posts! What an incredible trip!

  6. Reading your posts helps me relive great times I've had cruising--it's a great way to travel. I can't wait to share a wonderful experience like this with Charlotte--hopefully one day while she's still young and still believes in Disney magic; however, do we ever really outgrow the magic?
    Can't wait to read more about your trip.

  7. Where did you get those Frozen magnets for the door????

    1. On DISboards Cruise board there are a few people who make personalized free magnet images for others. I collected a number of them over the year that I was preparing for our cruise and added the Frozen ones after Christmas. I printed them, had them laminated and then added the magnets to the back. It was fun to decorate and made it easy for Hannah to find our stateroom.

  8. Are the snacks included in your package or did you have to pay extra?

    1. All food and non-alcoholic drinks are included with the exception of our lunch at Palo that was a small up charge.

  9. met Anna!!! :-) Was Elsa there too? Hee hee...I want an Elsa magnet! :-)


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