Sunday, March 23, 2014

Magnetic Memories

As I prepared for our cruise I did a lot of reading on DISboards – Disney Cruise Line Forum.   It’s a purely Disney Cruise Line chat board!  One of the many things I learned there was about how some people decorate their stateroom doors with magnets.  It was one of the things I prepared quietly and didn’t tell either Hannah or Sharon about them.  I’d ask questions like, ‘Who is your favourite character?’ or, ‘Who is your favourite princess?’ but they had no idea why.

On DISboards I found a number of people who create personalized images that I was able to print, laminate and then add magnetic tape to the back of them.  I changed up our door fairly regularly and it was fun to find that others added magnets to our door too! 

Here are a few pics of our various door decorations.

Day 1.  Hannah was super excited when she saw our door decorated with ‘Frozen’ magnets!!!IMG_2254

This pic was taken about half way through our cruise.  By this time a Minnie Mouse series had been added as well as some princesses.IMG_2625

On Hannah’s birthday I switched the door entirely and it became a door of birthday wishes for my sweet girl!IMG_2695 - Copy

I already shared this video but for those who might have missed it here it is again.  Also, it shows you how much Hannah enjoyed finding the new magnets.  This was special because of her birthday but she was excited each time she discovered new magnets on our door.

Our door the final 2 days of our trip with all decorations together. IMG_2801 IMG_2802IMG_2803

If you decide to go on a Disney cruise I highly recommend doing this as not only will your family enjoy them but so will others walking by your stateroom!


  1. Hello - Hoping that all is well. Congrats on your blessings! We are sailing on Disney in two weeks. I would like make the magnets especially for our daughter's 4th birthday. Can you please tell me which site you used for your images and which magnet tape? Thank you so much and have an awesome day!

  2. Go to the link earlier in the post and hopefully you will find what you're looking for. There are a few people on that board that make the images. I purchased the magnetic tape at a teacher's store but you can also find magnets at Michaels or Home Depot.

  3. These are so fun! So.....can you open your refrigerator at home now, since I assume all these adorable magnets have made their way there!? Ha! We decorated the front of our washer & dryer with Christmas magnets this past year. So, if you need more room for yours you might try there! Ha! Love them all! I bet Hannah & Nana were both surprised!

  4. we are sailing on the fantasy next week! can i ask where you found the streamers for the top of your door? i have all the other decorations but i love that and can't find it anywhere! TIA!

    1. Can you please send me an email KLGregg and I can send you a link to the page I used. I googled 'Birthday Streamers' and then found these under the 'images' tab. Hope this is helpful!


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