Wednesday, March 12, 2014

*Pirate Party! Argh!!!

(Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – PM)

Welcome to Pirate Night!  Argh!!!  IMG_2517


Hannah and I were walking about the ship about an hour before supper and I was surprised to see how many people go all out for pirate night!  Our table was fairly tame but we sure did have fun together!!

Hail, hail the gangs all here!  Introducing our wonderful table mates!  From l to r, back row:  Me, Maggie, Barbara and in the front row:  Hannah, Sharon, Kirk, Jacob and Toyna.  We are so thankful they sat our families together for the week!IMG_2528

Hannah’s little buddy Jacob.  They were absolutely adorable together and only got cuter as the week went on!  On this night she shared a box of Smarties, a Canadian candy with him and I think she won his heart.  Winking smileIMG_2520

Our servers Tina and Ari all decked out in pirate style for the evening.IMG_2521

Head Server LiamIMG_2533

The parents offered to buy glowing Pirate glasses for the kids.  Their beverage of choice?  Milk!IMG_2527

As we were leaving supper somehow Hannah tripped an took a tiny tumble.  Before we could get to her Tina was on the floor giggling and having fun with her.  Just one of the many reasons we loved Tina!IMG_2536 - Copy

Hannah was super excited after supper as she was finally going to introduce Nana to the movie,  ‘Frozen!’  It was the 3rd time we’d seen it and it was as enjoyable as ever!  Nana had heard the CD (and Hannah!) many times in the car but not seen the movie yet.

After the movie – bedtime?  No way!  We had a Pirate Party to attend!!  IMG_2539

Unfortunately Nana was fighting a cold so she chose to settle in the room while Hannah and I made our way up to the 11th deck.  I found a spot where I could sit Hannah on a towel bin so that she could see the show well.


By now it was after 11 and my girl was fading fast.  IMG_2548We made our way up 1 more deck to 12 Starboard side in time to watch the fireworks.  Daniel, guess what happened moments before the fireworks started?  Yup!  Sound asleep!  Hannah has a habit of falling asleep right before or during fireworks shows!  (Here and here.)IMG_2550

It was neat to watch fireworks while floating in the middle of the ocean!IMG_2552

As we made our way back to our stateroom I had fun looking down at all those enjoying the Pirate Deck party.   (This is the same deck that normally has the pools on it.  The pools are drained and power washed each night and on special nights like this they are covered over to make a big deck for party fun!)IMG_2560

I was still full from supper but took time to wander through the Pirate buffet.  Everything was so well done!


Time for bed.  Rapunzel lanterns floating in our virtual port hole.)


  1. Wow! Disney sure does it up right, don't they?! How can 1 cruise have so many fun things to do?! Thanks for so many fun posts, as Marin & I read them over & over! Drain the pools?! That's great & just adds to your peace of mind about things being clean. I just love Disney!

  2. I love Hannah's costume

  3. Those are the cutest cupcake pajamas!

  4. Memories of you and Chris playing steel drums at the CNE! Cute pics! Looks like an amazing trip!!!!

  5. Memories of you and Chris playing steel drums at the CNE!! Cute pics! Looks like you had an amazing time!!!


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