Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Castaway Cay

(Friday, February 28, 2014)

Friday morning we woke to our first cloudy day since our trip began.  Thankfully it was still dry as today was our day at Castaway Cay (pronounced Castaway ‘Key’), Disney’s private island.  After breakfast we prepared for a day of beach fun!  I’ve heard a lot about this beautiful island and was excited to see and experience for myself!

We popped back to the room to get our beach stuff and Hannah took the opportunity to hide on Miss Gisele so she came in and found her.  I love that my clever little girl still thinks she’s ‘hiding’ when she’s under the covers.  So sweet!

We met up with Tonya’s family and made our way off the ship ready for a day of beach fun.IMG_2815

The characters headed off the ship too!IMG_2817

We stopped for a few pictures with our beautiful ship in the background.  We are so thankful for the friendships that were formed this cruise and we continue to keep in touch.IMG_2826



When we arrived at the beach I asked Hannah if she wanted to try out Pelican’s Plunge and she was all for it!  That’s my girl!!IMG_2844


Go Hannah!  Go Hannah!!

Our ship from the top of Pelican’s Plunge. I still love the look of the Disney ships! IMG_2837

After Pelican’s Plunge Hannah and I headed into the water to play with Jacob and his parents.IMG_2845

Unfortunately soon after that the skies opened and the rain didn’t stop for a long time. IMG_2846

We decided to head to Cookies to enjoy a BBQ lunch and hope that the rain would pass.  Lunch was delicious but the rain continued so we, like many others, chose to return to the ship.  Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to return to Castaway Cay someday and enjoy all that it has to offer!IMG_2832

A quick shower for our feet and then we got in line.  IMG_2866

This was one time that there was longer lines to board the ship but it only made sense as hundreds of people decided to board at the same time.   After we’d been in line for a few minutes Hannah told me she had to go to the washroom so we left the line and quickly headed towards some buildings I could see close by.  Unfortunately when we got there there weren’t any washrooms.  Uh oh!  One of the crew members took a look at Hannah’s little potty dance and quickly ushered us up the gangplank reserved for crew members only.  After scanning our Key to the World cards we went through security and the kind crew member ushered us to the nearest washroom.  Thank you!! 

As we were in the washroom I could hear Cruise Director Clayton announcing a number of changes they were making on the spur of the moment to accommodate the extra passengers onboard.  ‘Frozen’ would play in the main theatre (yes, we were tempted!) and characters would be appearing around the ship greeting guests. 

Hannah and I were walking to our stateroom when suddenly Goofy was there with nobody but his companion with him.  Hannah was thrilled as Goofy is her favourite character!!  He immediately began interacting with her as you can see here.  A wonderful moment for sure!!

‘Hannah Red Riding Hood’ with ‘Wolf Goofy’!IMG_2869

Yes, these are the moments that make our Disney time so special and truly they happen often to us and to others!  It’s these little, unexpected moments that cause me to fall in love with Disney over and over again!


  1. Your cruise was WONDERFUL and I have enjoyed all your posts, Catherine. It was a trip
    down memory lane for me!! Sorry it rained on Castaway! :(. We had a good long day there. My youngest loved Pelican Plunge too. We went on the slow one but man, it was fast enough!!!! I keep looking for another cruise!!!!! So glad you had an awesome trip.

  2. This was the post I had been waiting for! I've always been so interested in Castaway Cay & thought it looked so fun! Is the beach really as pretty as it looks in the photos?! I adore the Bahamas, so I figure Bahamas Disney style would really be fantastic! How cute is Dumbo painting the ship?! I can't believe Hannah went down that slide! It's huge!!

    1. Castaway Cay looked great and the beach was beautiful with soft, white sand. I can't wait to go there again someday and really experience it!

  3. I LOVED Castaway Cay. Sorry you had a rainy day. I look so forward to going back there and riding bikes around the beautiful island again.
    The interaction with Goofy was priceless. It amazes me how wonderful all the crew members on the ship were, with my girls and my mom and myself. We loved the "Hi Princess" that they all said. Amazing!
    I have SO enjoyed your recaps of your cruise!

  4. So fun to read about your cruise. Would it be something one would do without small children along? ~ Lindy D.

    1. Hi Lindy. We met a number of people who were on the cruise without children. Some of them were older so their children were grown and others had chosen to leave their children at home. While I can't imagine at this time traveling without Hannah, for those who are considering going on a Disney cruise without children I know you would have a fabulous time!! There are a lot of 'adult only' areas on the ship but it's fun to watch other kiddos too. Hope this helps!

  5. Alright, I was 9.5 years old the last time I went to Disney World and I remember mostly standing in line. I'm beginning to see through your adventures that Disney is an EXPERIENCE, not a park, and I'm beginning to want to take my girls and go on a Disney vacation Catherine & Hannah Style.


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