Friday, March 14, 2014

*Almost Too Many Activities to Count!!

(Wednesday, February 26, 2014 – PM)

Once we were back onboard it was mid afternoon so we ordered room service to tide us over until supper a few hours later.  Next stop?  The pool!IMG_2639

Hannah also checked out Nemo’s Reef and the AquaLabIMG_2636



As our ship left St. Thomas we were on Deck 12 trying out the mini golfing.  By far the most beautiful mini golf course view I’ve ever seen!IMG_2645

Sharon asked if we should grab a scorecard.  I laughed and said, ‘Check out how our girl plays.  It’s a little hard to count!’

We made our way to Deck 4 for a game of shuffleboard before supper but all of the boards were busy.  Oh well, guess we need to leave something for another trip!

Supper this night was back in Royal Court.  I have to say I really enjoyed all of the restaurants and love the rotational dining!  We were able to enjoy all 3 restaurants but our table mates and servers came with us.  Such a great experience!   Hannah enjoyed her evening nap while I ate dessert.  Or more accurately…desserts!  Yes, I must admit all 4 of those are mine!  3 were on a tasting platter and the other well, I just couldn’t pass it up so Tina brought it too!  It’s easy to see how people gain weight on a cruise and yet at the same time we never stopped moving so the scale was very kind to me when we got home.  Colour me shocked!!IMG_2656

Sharon’s dessert this night was so pretty we had to take a picture of it too!IMG_2657

Tonight was the only night we decided to skip the live entertainment so found other ways to get into trouble, I mean, occupy ourselves!  We started out with BINGO for dummies.  (Not the real name but the one that worked for us newbies!)  Sharon and I shared an electronic machine that did all the work for us and all we were responsible to do was:

1. stand up if we had only one number left

2. shout ‘BINGO’ if we had a BINGO and,

3. do the celebratory BINGO dance if we won!

Let’s just say we were pro’s at point 1 by the end of the game and point 2 didn’t happen so thankfully nobody was subjected to us attempting point 3!  It was fun to try though especially since Tonya, Maggie and Barb helped us out.  Thanks gals!!

After BINGO we visited a couple of the stores onboard the ship.  Grandma had given Hannah some treat money before we left and she found this adorable little Simba.  She loves her stuffies and plays with them all the time so I’m only too happy when she chooses to add to her collection.


I treated myself to a Disney Cruise Line charm for my Pandora bracelet.  (second charm from the left).  I love how each charm on this bracelet holds such special meaning!  Thanks again Sharon and Larry for starting me off with this gift of love for my birthday last year!IMG_3006

We were wandering around the ship and Hannah spotted Tinkerbell with no line-up so we ran to our stateroom to grab her autograph album and pen.  Somewhere along the way her pen ran into trouble so Tink put her tinkering skills to work before signing her album.


On a side note, I love this sweet little dress that I’d bought earlier in the day in St. Thomas.  After I’d helped Hannah put it on for supper I slid into the bathroom to grab a quick shower.   I could hear she and Nana giggling up a storm and it was the sweetest sound!  I found out later that when I left the room she created a song and was singing it to herself and had Nana in splits!  The words were something like, ‘I feel like I’m in a box, but they won’t listen to me.  I’m in a boooox, but they won’t listen to me!’  LOL!!!  She and Nana got giggling about her box song!  Heh, guess her box dress wasn’t as comfortable as the Rapunzel dress she’d have worn 24/7 if she could!!  I guess I’ll enjoy these pics of her as I’m not sure I’ll ever convincer her to put it on again!

There were more characters out, some dressed in their cruise finery so we made the rounds.

Snow White with DopeyIMG_2668


and Goofy.IMG_2678

Hannah looked cute tucked into a ball in this port hole waiting her turn to visit the characters.IMG_2673

Surprise, surprise!  We headed to the Mickey pool for a late night swim.IMG_2684

Mommy, can we go for a swim each night when we go home?IMG_2686

The next pics of my sweet girl you’ll see, she’ll be 5 years old!!!  How could that be???


  1. I had no idea the disney cruise's had stores in them! I can't believe you only started shopping!
    I have to say I love the character photos you've taken. The background for each character is so nice.

  2. I had no idea that ALL that stuff was on board the ship! The Nemo's Reef & AquaLab look so fun! The Mickey pool too! I love Hannah's dress!! Maybe you can talk her into wearing it again in the summer, once your snow melts! Ha! Poor guys!


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