Saturday, August 24, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 9, Part I: Epcot

All too quickly our final day of fun at the parks was upon us.  I had purchased Annual Passes for Hannah and I on the first day of our trip in 2012 and now at midnight tonight those would expire.  365 days of fun and for us, we’ve got our moneys worth for sure!  Purchasing APs is not for everyone and in years to come it probably won’t be cost effective for us either but now while she’s young and we visit Disney at least twice a year, they are the best answer and we’ve enjoyed having them!
Our day began with breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.  This character meal is special to me as it reminds me of the very first time Hannah met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto back in April of 2010 when she was just 13 months old!
2010 @ 13 months oldMeeting Mickey for first time April 2010, 13 months
Kisses from Minnie and spotting Donald
I love this picture of Hannah and Nana sharing a special moment!IMG_0577
Nana and Josh scanning their MagicBands.  Lurved these!!  Do you have any questions about the MagicBands?  I’d be happy to answer any you might have.  We’re super excited about this improvement to our Disney vacations!IMG_0581
Check out the awesome car they created for their Test Track ride!IMG_0585
The Figment ride is a favourite of Hannah’s and then she mailed her Figment home to Grandpa and Grandma.IMG_0593
I was able to capture a little bit of Hannah’s excitement as she enjoyed Soarin’.  I love how she experiences this ride and all rides with her entire being!  Oh the innocence and fun of children!
We stopped at the Canada Pavilion and took some pictures together.  Tor had chosen to spend the day at the resort so unfortunately she was missing at this point.
Daniel and his ‘Grandma Sid’  (LOL!  Sharon had many names that week depending on which kiddo was calling her!  She was Grandma Sid, Grandma and Nana as she shares special relationships with each of the kiddos!)IMG_0599
Josh and GrandmaIMG_0602
Precious friends!  Love you friend!  Let’s do this again in November, okay?  SmileIMG_0598
Mommy and her amazing, wonderful, precious girl!IMG_0604
Sadly…all good things must come to an end.  Shortly after this our two groups went our separate ways as Hannah and I headed for a supper reservation and the others went back to the resort to pack for an early Sunday am departure.
We love you Nana, Daniel, Tor and Josh!  We had a great time sharing this vacation with you and all the wonderful memories we created together!!!IMG_0556 - Copy


  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! Do you always stay at the same resort or switch it up each time you go?

    1. Pop Century is our resort of choice. We also like Art of Animation but because it is only a year old it is not included in the special offers. The trip we had free dining as we booked our trip while still at Disney in August of 2012. Pop Century and Art of Animation are value resorts. If I had the money to go to a moderate resort I would love to try Port Orleans Riverside. I've had it booked in the past but always cancelled since I cannot justify the additional cost when we're in our room so little.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks! Just dreaming at the moment! You and Hannah make it look like such a fun and easy (as in not so complicated) trip. Funny that you mention Port Orleans Riverside as it caught my eye on Trip Advisor too. I'd have to start saving now if I'm entertaining the idea of a Disney trip a couple of years down the road. ;-) There are SO many choices!!! Perks like free dining are always a bonus. Does that mean free dining anywhere or just at the resort itself? It looked as though you were able to enjoy a number of different restaurants at the various parks.

      Vacations are always such fun! And Disney, well, everyone has to do Disney at least once in their life time! I've done it a couple of times (many moons ago) but judging from your blog, I have a lot to learn!

  2. Hi Catherine
    I love following your life adventures with Hannah. So great to see you having so much fun together. One day we will make the trek to Disney Land, we are from Australia so it will be a trek. I was wondering in your opinion what is better California or Florida??
    Keep having fun and travel safe

    1. Hi Elisha, Thanks for following along! While Disneyland in California is great, hands down I would recommend visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. It has 4 parks rather than 2 which offers you many more places to visit and it also has 2 water parks. Since you're travelling so far, I'd recommend travelling just a bit further and going to Florida.

    2. Thanks for your reply Catherine..... I will definitely put it on our "bucket list".. who knows we might even see you there!
      Enjoy the rest of your summer and safe travels xx

  3. "Nana and Daniel scanning their MagicBands."

    LOL hmmmmmm Look again..... I think it might be JOSHUA!!!!!!! ;) First on the trip, and now you can't even identify the pics!!! LOL

    We'll forgive you... This time... Hehehe

    1. Yup...again! Seriously, you'd think after a week I'd have got it right but no - still happening!

      It's fun to make you smile though...DANIEL!!! :o)

  4. What an AMAZING trip! Love following your adventure! We are going in February and I'm so excited! Did the magic bands cost extra? How about Fast++?

    1. The MagicBands are in the process of rolling out. By the time you go in February I'm sure they'll be available to all. I would recommend downloading the free app 'My Disney Experience' onto a device you'll have in the parks. Check that closer to your arrival (both the app and/or desktop 'My Disney Experience') and look for MagicBands. Some time before your trip you will be allowed to personalize your bands with colors and names. There is no charge for the MagicBands.

      Similarly, there is no cost for FP+. These are also available via 'My Disney Experience.' They are wonderful and so much pressure is taken off when your FastPasses are secured before you even get out of bed in the morning. :o) There is rumor that once FP+ is fully implemented the paper FP machines might go away but we don't know for sure.

  5. I love seeing how much Hannah has grown and changed since that first meeting with Mickey!!!


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