Friday, August 23, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 8: Animal Kingdom

Friday was our day at Animal Kingdom (AK).  Hannah hopped up on Nana’s lap to enjoy an early ride and we were on her way.  Oh how I love to see the love between Hannah and her Nana!!IMG_0505
Our first stop was the food court at our resort for some brekkie and then we made our way to AK.  IMG_0541We had a FP+ for The Lion King which is a great show.  For the 3rd year in a row Hannah was chosen to participate in the show.  (2012, 2011) I think it helps that as soon as they begin looking for little ones to help them she’s bouncing on my lap and her little arm is flying in the air.IMG_0509

Tor, Josh and I rode Expedition Everest.  A great roller coaster that I can see Hannah being ready to ride in the next couple of years.  Disney brings out the kid in all of us.IMG_0517
My camera was acting up again so I missed pics on Kilimanjaro Safaris and The Nemo Show but then it was up and running again.  Thankful for that!
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!!IMG_0525
Digging for dinosaur bones as we ride out today’s storm.IMG_0528
Meeting special friends at AK.IMG_0537
Hannah’s new little friend.  I’d tell you her name but she changes it daily.  Smile  IMG_0539
Another amazing day together!IMG_0540
From AK we made our way to Downtown Disney for supper at Wolfgang Puck’s CafeIMG_0545, a bit of shopping and pre-bedtime splash pad fun.  This is why I always carry a ziploc of dry clothes with us when we’re at Disney.


  1. You might want to check the titles of your videos and just WHO was in the Lion King... Was that really me?? ;P

    -Daniel Scott

    1. LOL!!! Can you believe I did that AGAIN??!!! least I'm consistent from start to finish!

      video corrected. Keep checking, I'm sure I did that in other places!


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