Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 6: Epcot

Wednesday we shared a great day together at Epcot!  The day began dining with the princesses in Norway.  My princess was dressed for the occasion – gown, gloves (aka ‘glubs’), purse and tiara.  We just changed up her glass slippers for princess Crocs for comfort.  Winking smileIMG_0263

Belle greeted us in her formal gown.IMG_0272

While we dined we were visited by Snow White,IMG_0275


Cinderella and IMG_0285


Hannah also enjoyed the Princess Parade holding her favourite princess’ hand.

We visited a few pavilions in Mexico, Norway, China IMG_0306and Germany and then bumped into a street of characters greeting friends.  How fun as there was hardly anybody there!

Mr. SmeeIMG_0312


Chip and DaleIMG_0319

and Rafiki.  The ones Hannah was a little more timid about she asked Mommy to join her.  So cute!IMG_0320

At this point some of our FastPasses were ready so we made our way back to the front of the park.  We went on the new Test Track and it was great!!  I thought this was so sweet.  Josh and Hannah are enjoying getting to know one another better. IMG_0322

Hannah scanning her MagicBand that would pull up the car she and I created earlier in the line.   One of the many things MagicBands are now used for.  Neat!IMG_0324

‘Hey Josh!  This is fun isn’t it?!!’  LOL!  Our family plus some random guy.IMG_0327

My princess enjoying an ice cream treat on our way to one of Mommy’s favourite rides, Soarin’!!IMG_0331

Walking with Tor Tor.IMG_0332

Lunch was at the Coral Reef then we enjoyed the Finding Nemo ride and visiting with Bruce IMG_0341while we waited to watch Turtle Talk with Crush. 

Hannah is my outgoing girl and always puts her hand up to be chosen for things.  On this day Victoria and I had been laughing about past experiences at this show and teased that Hannah should ask about where bubbles come from.  Well…I guess Little Miss was listening because this is what happened during the show.  Heh….she’s totally oblivious!

After riding Spaceship Earth before it closes for refurbishment, it was time for a group picture for the day and then our group split in to two.  IMG_0357

Nana, Tor and Josh headed home while Hannah, Daniel and I strolled back to the lake to find seats for Illuminations.  What a treat it was that it was not nearly as busy as the night before was and we easily snagged front row seats to enjoy the show.  I’ll be honest and say that Hannah wasn’t too impressed with having to watch another fireworks show but after some squawking and then enjoying the first couple of minutes of the show, this was what happened.  I love that when my girl is tired she just goes to sleep.  You can imagine how loud this was!  That’s my girl!

I was very thankful to have Daniel’s help with Hannah when it was time to head back to our resort.  IMG_0363

I have picked up sleeping Hannah, folded the stroller and loaded us plus our backpack on to the but but I tell you, the extra hands were very welcome!!  Thanks Daniel!


Another great day!  Tomorrow, back to Magic Kingdom!


  1. Love hearing all about your WD adventures--I can't wait to share the magical journey with Charlotte.

    Would love to get together for a play date with the girls so that we can catch up on all your adventures. When do you get home from WD?

  2. Love the "some random guy" comment! LOL!


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