Monday, August 12, 2013

‘Hannah Panda Heart’ Bui1d-a-Bear

I received a Bui1d-a-Bear gift card as a baby shower gift for Hannah from a friend I used to attend church with before she moved.  Since gift cards no longer expire (at least here in Ontario) I tucked it away to use when she was older and I’m so thankful now that I chose to do this!  There were times I was tempted to use it on her behalf when she was younger but I saved it and 4 was the perfect age for her to do this!

It was a surprise to her as she didn’t know about the gift card and only thought we were going to the mall to have my bracelet polished.  My girl loves, loves, loves the mall so she was one happy camper when she found out where we were going!  After vising the Pand0ra store we went into the mall and she saw the B-a-B store across the way.  We walked across and went in as we have in the past but this time when she looked longingly at the bears I told her she could make one.  She was beyond thrilled!!  I was excited too as I spotted an adorable panda which I was hoping she might choose and happy she immediately spotted it and her decision was made.  That’s one thing I’ll say for my girl, she can make decisions in a snap and stick with them.  It really does make life much easier….most of the time! Winking smile

Here she’d chosen her bear and was ready to go.  Check out how excited she was!!IMG_2829

As I watched this video again tonight it reminded me how ‘in’ to this experience she was.  I love the sweet innocence of 4 even though she is growing up far too quickly for Mommy’s liking!

Giving her the hug test afterwards making sure she was perfectly stuffed.IMG_2831

Time for a bath and brush.IMG_2833

All dressed ~ princess style of course!  My Cinderella girl and her Cinderella panda whom she sweetly named ‘Hannah Panda Heart.’IMG_2835

Time to take her new friend home.IMG_2836

Once home HPH came out of her box and the 2 have been inseparable ever since.  I know she loves this panda for sure because she’s one of the rare stuffies Hannah owns that she doesn’t chew on.IMG_2841

Thanks Liz T!  Your gift was greatly appreciated!


  1. Very cute! Tess just recently got that same Panda from BaB!

  2. Sweet! I have a gift card stashed away from a shower gift too. Keira LOVES her stuffies. She's two and a half now so I'll wait at least another year I think. I want her to have the thrill of doing it herself like Hannah did. Fun!

  3. Oh what fun! We will have to look for one of these when places for Chloe. She loves her stuffed friends!

  4. Thanks for the great baby shower gift idea!

  5. Around here, the Build-a-Bear box has been very useful for a variety of play reasons. Less fun than the animal, of course, but still a pretty good toy.

  6. GC's expire after a year or so least at most places. Am so glad that H got to experience BAB:)

    1. They used to expire here too but a few years back they made it a law that gift cards could no longer expire. So thankful for that! They have our money so thankful I can use them when I'm ready to.


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