Sunday, August 25, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 10: Winterland Mini Golfing and Downtown Disney

The day began bright and early when Nana and the kids headed to the airport on their way home.  This shirt on Daniel is great!!  Daniel was amazing the entire trip and I loved sharing this week with him and getting to know him better!  When are you headed back buddy?  °o°IMG_0654
It was hard to say good bye to everyone but we built so many wonderful memories together that we will talk and laugh about for years to come!!
We headed to Art of Animation to share breakfast and then visit the ‘Cars’ area of the resort.  As we crossed the bridge between Pop Century and Art of Animation we saw some people feeding what we thought we the fish, from the bridge.  You can imagine our surprise when this was what we saw!  It’s hard to get perspective but these turtles had shells 18 – 24” across!!
We picked up breakfast and then I went to fill our mugs.  This was what I returned to.  My little love had taken it upon herself to split up the breakfast on to two plates and had is ready for us right down to the syrup poured on to our French toast.  So sweet and…so grown up!  IMG_0660
After eating we wandered around the Cars area.  The theming at this resort is outstanding!  Meeting Mater for her buddy Ben!IMG_0663 
After this I was excited to take Hannah to try something new for her:  mini golfing!  We went to Winterland which is at Blizzard Beach.  What a great time we had!IMG_0674
I tried to show Hannah how to hold her club but my independent Miss wanted to do it her own way.  I’m sure she got par on this shot, aren’t you?! Smile
After mini golfing we went back to Art of Animation where we met up with my cousin and her 6 kiddos who had just arrived to begin their Disney trip!  Bridget and I enjoyed a Disney trip together in 2008 and when we were there we talked about how much fun it would be to someday be here with all our kids together.  This was that day!!  Her parents Uncle Tim and Aunt Chris were also there.  Love it!!  Have a GREAT trip!!IMG_0691
After visiting with Bridget and her family for a while Hannah and I headed out to do some last minute souvenir shopping, a visit at Goofy’s Candy Store and then sadly back to the room to pack. 
Hannah is not partial when it comes to Cinderella.  She loves every form of her favourite princess!IMG_0694
A cast member within the Wonderful World of Disney store was making buttons and asked Hannah what she was celebrating.  We mentioned she is starting school soon so they made her an ‘I’m celebrating going to school button’ that she wore with pride and wants to wear the first day of school too.IMG_0695
On a previous visit Hannah had been Pixie Dusted by at Fairy Godmother in Training and now she likes to go there each visit to be dusted again.  So sweet!
All too soon we headed back to our resort where Hannah snuggled in for the night and Mommy packed.  We woke early at 3:30 the next morning and waited for our Magical Express to take us back to the airport.  Hannah did really well and was her normal, chipper self.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, HANNAH IS AMAZING!!!IMG_0707
Our driver invited her to sit in his seat.IMG_0711 - Copy
Hannah did great at the airport and this was my sweetie before we even left the gate.  You know that Mommy wasn’t far behind!IMG_0715
Hannah, I love you very, very much and our Disney trips are such awesome times together!  Precious moments.  Precious memories!!IMG_0706
Until next time baby….only 78 more sleeps until we’re back with Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa!!


  1. Catherine, I love your trip reports! I don't get to go to Disney very often, and it makes me feel like I am there. Can't wait for the next one :-)

  2. Thank you for always posting such wonderful trip reports. I love Disney so much and seeing it through your (and Hannah's!) eyes is amazing. :)

  3. Yes! Thank you for all the wonderful Disney posts! We have just over a month till our next trip! It will be Marin's 3rd. He's got quite a ways to go to catch up with Miss Hannah ;) I'm so glad you had a nice time! Are you getting AP's again? We are trying to decide if we want to try those. We would love to go as much as we can while he's still into it so much!

    1. I hope to get AP's again but it will depend on a number of factors. For us it is a better deal because we take a full vacation in the summer and then a small one with my parents in November. We also work it so that we get our 2 summer trips out of the same APs. Our trip in 2012 began on August 24th so we used our passes for 8 days then, 2 days in November and then our 2013 trip was planned so that we started August 16th and ended on August 24th thus getting the most days we could out of our passes.

      What I didn't budget in was the desire in February to somehow get to Disney since we had passes burning a hole in our pocket! Flights were the inhibitor in that case or else I'm sure Mickey would have seen us in the winter too!

  4. OH looks like you had an amazing time together! I hope this doesn't sound rude, but DL/DW is expensive. How can you afford that? Does Disney pay you to visit them, and then BLog about it? I see you take a lot of trips (to DL/DW, and other places) and am wondering if the places you visit pay you, and in turn you blog about it? I do love reading about your trips. They always look and sound so fun!

    1. No, all of our trips are paid by ourselves. I receive nothing for blogging about any of them. I blog to capture the memories for ourselves and share the fun with others.

      Travel is important to our family so I cut back in other areas to offer us the opportunity to travel. We stay in value resorts and normally travel during free dining periods. It's all about priorities and travel is a priority for us.

  5. What great memories. We are heading back in Jan/Feb and can't wait. How did you ever manage all of that luggage by yourself, plus stroller plus Hannah? Will be watching to see if you do a more intense discussion about the bands. Hoping they are there on our next trip.Thanks again for sharing.

  6. I love reading about your adventure with Hannah. Hannah has really matured over the summer and I can't wait to hear about her first day. I know it will be the scariest for you though. Stay strong mama!

  7. Hi Catherine....That is so important that you are making awesome memories through travelling!!! I would love to visit DL/DW one day (even without kids). I really was jus curious:) Thanks for answering me:)

  8. Is the mini golf part of the park passes or cost? We're staying at the Art of A in Oct. and have a free day so looks like fun. We also get to "test" the new bracelets and so excited. THANKS for sharing your trip!
    Susan in Montana

    1. Mini golf is an additional cost but we had coupons in our Disney package that covered the cost of the mini golfing for each of us. If you've purchased a full package including resort stay and park passes, check the package you receive that includes your plastic luggage tags and see if you have vouchers in there. Also, there should be a list with your reservation online that says what is included in your package.

      Hope this helps!


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