Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 5: Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013.  Hannah and I decided to start our day a little more slowly today while Nana, Josh, Tor and Daniel headed to the Magic Kingdom earlier.  We’re enjoying this trip where we have time together as a family of 6 and other times when Nana and her crew tour together and we share Mommy and Hannah time.  Truly it’s the best of both worlds for all of us!!

Hannah and I hopped into the pool for a morning swim.  A great way to beat some of the Florida heat.  (This pic shows the difference between our room that we keep really cool and the outside.  The camera fogged up which is a daily occurrence.)IMG_0211

Prepared for the day.  Love her creative necklace of stickers.  it soon became a necklace for our mister fan and is a cute way to decorate it.IMG_0215

Later in the morning we boarded our bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom.  Staying cool while waiting to board the bus.IMG_0222

The park was surprisingly busy this day and combined with the heat and humidity, almost did me in.  Hannah on the other hand was a trooper and when my energy waned she picked me up.  We shared a great time together!

Chasing bubbles after we exited the new Voyage of the Little Mermaid ride.IMG_0228

Riding Dumbo – a classic.IMG_0229


At one point we bumped into Nana and the kids and took time to share a snack together.IMG_0235

After an amazing steak supper at Kona Cafe we all headed back to the MK together.  We took time to visit Mickey when we first arrived.




LOL!!!  Nana’s kissing Mickey!!  Love this!IMG_0250

Once we left Mickey it was time to stake out our spots for the Main Street Electrical Parade, The Castle Show and Wishes.  Hannah and I stock up on glow sticks before our Disney trips and she has such fun making and sharing glow sticks with other children waiting for the parade.  This time Joshua was able to help too.  This video was taken almost an hour before the parade was to begin so you can guess how many people were there by 9pm!


Here Hannah was holding up her Cinderella purse for Cinderella to see when she went by.  4 is such an awesome age!!IMG_0260

Snuggle time for Nana and JoshIMG_0262

Another wonderful day together!  We are having the very best time!!IMG_0249


  1. I have to tell that you that I have no idea how you, coming from a cooler climate, manage our heat down here. We refuse to go to the parks in the summeritme becasue of a, the heat and b, the crowds. But mainly the heat would just do us in. Orlando is often a good 10 degrees hotter than miami in the summer. You are a trooper,

  2. Hannah is so sweet and mature. I hope she got a lot of thank yous .

  3. You really are a trooper. There is no way I would be able to handle the humidity. I wouldn't have left the pool in the morning.


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