Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day of JK!!

Today was Hannah’s first day of Junior Kindergarten (JK) and she was so excited!!  She woke up and happily called out, ‘Yay!  School today!’

DSC_1182 - Copy

I took today and tomorrow off work and it was wonderful to be able to enjoy this special day with Hannah without the pressure of going to work.  This will be something I’ll do again for sure!DSC_1220

Grandma came over to share this special day with Hannah too.DSC_1239

We headed to the school while Hannah chatted happily from her car seat and then walked confidently to the school while still holding Mommy’s hand.   (OK, this was my idea.  If she’d had her way she’d have happily skipped ahead all on her own!)IMG_0754Mommy on the other hand was having a tough time keeping it together.  As we walked toward the school yard and waited for her to enter the kindergarten pen, I was close to tears and was continually biting the inside of my cheek. 

Hannah?  Still happy and excited although she did admit to being a bit nervous.   Oh so understandable baby!

We made our way into the pen and met Hannah’s teacher.  We’d found out who she was early in August and since then every single person we’ve met who is familiar with her said she was a wonderful teacher and how fortunate Hannah is to have her!

By this point it had warmed up a bit so she took her jacket off.  I giggled as she walked up to her teacher and attempted to give her her jacket to hold.  Ummm…nope.  Sorry kiddo, you’re in JK and you get to care for your stuff.  She popped it on her head and it was all good!

IMG_0762 - Copy

It was now time for the kids to head inside.  She lined up with the others and this is what happened.  She rocked it!  She melted me with her, ‘I love you very much!’

And that was it.  No tears….from either of us!  I went in to the school and worked through a bit of the bus stuff for tomorrow and then mom and I went out for breakfast.  Even though I didn’t anticipate a call I’m sure I checked my phone no less than 20 times as it sat on the table beside me!

I went back to school to pick her up for lunch and could see her sweet little face looking for me through the door.IMG_0765

I had to laugh when I saw that she was now sporting the oh so stylish Cinderella socks with sandals!IMG_0766

When I picked her up she was in a great mood and shared this little dance with me.  Oh how I love her carefree, happy, love life spirit!

Hannah’s first day of JK was a huge success even though I didn’t hear a lot about it.  I know a few things but I’m confident with time more details will come out.

One really neat thing happened at the end of the day.  A ‘God moment’ for us.  As Hannah and I were watching the kids board their buses in prep for tomorrow, I began to chat with a lady whom I found out is the principal.  She asked if Hannah was born in China and we confirmed that she was.  She smiled and said, ‘My daughter is too and she just started Grade 7 today!’  Ms.  B and I even used the same agency!  What a blessing to have someone who will have a special place in her heart for my little girl and look out for her!

Tomorrow….first day on the school bus.  *gulp!!*

Congratulations my big JK girl!  Mommy is SO proud of you!!!DSC_1210


  1. Glad to hear the first day went really well. I hope Hannah enjoys the bus ride home tomorrow. Junior K sounds good. We only have full day Kindergarten here in BC and it is for children who turn five by the end of the calendar year. Hope Hannah keeps loving school. It is music to a teacher's ear to hear children say this. By the way, loved your Disney posts. My Disney trip may be a while now!

  2. Wow, I am amazed that is is time for JK already.
    How lovely that you and grandma were there for her....and each other.

  3. Congratulations Hannah! We hope you have an awesome 1st year of school!

  4. She's so cute! The video made ME tear up - too precious! She is such a loving little girl!

    Thanks for sharing your vacation recap with us - we love WDW (although we seldom go) so it was a treat to visit along with you!

  5. Way to go Hannah! Sounds like you rocked your first day. Charlotte had a great day as well--Mommy was on the verge of tears many, many times. As the children left the pen to walk around the school to their doors, I realized that Dave and I were the only ones still standing in the pen--all the other parents and caregivers stood on the outside, watching the children. Oops! But the teachers never said anything to us--I guess we'll get the rules as some point.

  6. She looked so pretty going to JK! She is growing up so fast!

  7. Hooray Hannah! No tears! I remember you posted I think in May about how nervous Hannah was but it looks like she cheered up over the summer.

  8. Great first day!
    I just applied for a part-time job in our district helping out with the transitional kindergarten. Fun! Ask Hannah what she wants in a teacher.

  9. What a milestone! I can't believe your little Hannah is at this point already! What a big girl she is! And how well she did, which is no surprise. She looks beautiful in her red dress on her first day.


  10. JK! Way to go, Hannah! It looks as though you had a super duper first day! Good for you!

    Oh how time is going by too quickly!!! Love that you have a tangible connection with the principal. Beautiful!


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