Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Want to go Fwimming?

(We are home now but I still have UT posts to get up so will be playing catch-up for the next couple of days)

Tawni’s little H can’t quite say swimming yet but she clearly gets her point across when we talk about going ‘fwimming’ at her Grandma’s.

There were a lot of us so Tawni’s husband J helped ferry us to Grandma’s house.  Our car took a side trip to pick up Cafe Rio for lunch.  Mm….delicious Mexican food!  Something that is hard to come by where we live.IMG_2275

After lunch the kiddos were super excited to get into the beautiful pool.  Can I tell you every pool should have a mountainous background?  It’s breathtaking!IMG_2277

Baby H and Em were the first down the slide.  She wasn’t crazy about it as you can see but did go back for another slide later in the afternoon.IMG_2286

The boys were all crazy on the slide and alternated between being silly and seeing how far they could get their splashes to go in order to get Mom and Catherine wet!

O showing us his sunny smile!IMG_2288

G spinning into the pool.  G was by far Hannah’s favourite and she had such fun with him!  The funny thing is that she couldn’t say his name and after trying out a variety of names she settled on ‘Cave’ so Cave he was for our entire visit.  LOL!IMG_2282

Even Av IMG_2287

and Hannah got in on the slide fun!IMG_2284

Tawni’s boys are such great kids and amazing with their baby sisters!  Em and H.IMG_2283 

This little step was H’s favourite spot and she sat here playing with dishes for a long, long time and at times Hannah and Av would swim over and join her.IMG_2292

They would also swim behind the waterfall and enjoy some chit chat time together.  Such a beautiful pool!IMG_2305


This pic made me laugh!  E enjoyed teasing Tawni, Sue (Tawni’s friend) and I mercilessly that afternoon.  Sue had water poured on her more than once but we got E back by throwing a glass of iced water on him.  Not to be outdone he tried to hug each of us when he was soaking wet!  Love the look on Tawni’s face!!IMG_2308

This picture wins for the sweetest of the day.  Before we had to scramble because a thunder storm rolled in, H cuddled in and rested with her big brother.  Awe!!!IMG_2310

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