Monday, July 15, 2013

A Day of Sky High Fun!

Tuesday was another beautiful day and we were set for fun!  Unfortunately Tawni woke up with the flu so spent the day at home.  We sure missed you friend!

We were headed to Snowbird for a day of adventures surrounded by beautiful mountains!  The evening before Lisa and I had stopped at a local gas station to purchase drinks that we could use for discount coupons.  Heh – we sure did look funny!  $8.00 of drinks saved us $80 at the gate.  That works!IMG_2333

J and I packed the kids into the vehicle and set for the mountains.  The girls were adorable in their matching outfits and the bonus was how easy it was to spot them.IMG_2335

Our first ride of the day was a gondola up to the top of the mountain.  We ended up at 11,000’.  BEAUTIFUL!!!IMG_2342




Sweet baby H.  She reminds me so much of Hannah when she was a baby!IMG_2358

Hannah trying out the bungee trampoline.IMG_2379

Mountain Flyer fun!IMG_2391


Even H got in on the day of fun!IMG_2392

Three beautiful, amazing little girls!IMG_2397

Hannah loved all the rides but the zip line was my favourite by far.  It was a great ride but I think I enjoyed watching and hearing my little girl enjoy it as much as riding the ride!

All too soon our time with Tawni and her family ended…for this visit.  We’ll get together again for sure!   There were hugs all round before bed the night before we left as we needed to leave for the airport early in the morning.


Thank you so much  for welcoming us into your home Tawni!  We can’t wait to see you again….either in SLC or Toronto!! 

IMG_2407 - Copy

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