Friday, July 12, 2013

Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion!

Monday evening Laurel and Jay hosted a wonderful reunion of bloggy friends at their beautiful home!   If I counted correctly there were 11 families there, all of whom I’ve met in the past and we enjoyed reconnecting.  There was room for the kiddos to run, play, swing and draw with sidewalk chalk while the adults got reacquainted as some of us had not seen one another in a number of years.  I first met some of these families back in 2007 and then again in 2010.  Seeing them earlier this week was a treat and an evening that will be treasured! 

I will be forever grateful to God for the precious friendships He has created through this blog!  Little did I know back in 2005 when I wrote my first post how life would change and friendships around the world would be born!  We all share this and are so, so blessed!IMG_2320

Hannah in turn is blessed to share friendships too with her Chinese Sisters who live far away in miles but close in our hearts.IMG_2317


Laurel’s oldest daughter McKenzie is an absolute gem and took a shine to Hannah.  McKenzie will be a senior in high school this fall and was a star with the younger kiddos organizing games and helping them whenever needed.  Hannah thought she was awesome!IMG_2332

Playing Red Rover.  One little gal ran up to me during the game and asked, ‘Are you Hannah’s Mommy?  She’s strong!’  LOL!  Yup, small but mighty.  She enjoyed this game until she and a little friend had a head bonk.  IMG_2331

After that we decided to move the kiddos inside for a little quieter play.IMG_2330

Kenzie, thanks for being such a great friend to the younger kiddos and especially for the way you cared for Hannah!  You are a sweetie and Hannah talked about you as her friend the following day.  Heh!

Back in 2010 I met Circe at the SLC bash for the first time and a friendship was born and we have kept in touch since then.  It was wonderful to see her again and get caught up in person rather than only via our blogs and emails!IMG_2329

Lisa S from Georgia was there too and it was great to see her and her talented daughter Maisie.  Sadly we had too little time together and I forgot to take pictures.  Argh!

One picture we were able to capture was a group pic of the kiddos together.  Aren’t they beautiful?!!IMG_2325

Thanks again Laurel and Jay!  It was great to reconnect with you!  Thank you for opening your home to us so that all of us could share some treasured time together!


  1. I cannot believe it's been since 2010! I wish we could see each other more often! Hmm...scheming...:) it was a great night!

  2. P.s. yay, you took off comment verification! ;)

    1. Lol! Yes. Going to try it for a bit & see how it goes. It means more spam in my in box but since I have to approve every comment they don't make it here. I'll see how it goes.

      I hope I don't have to put it back on. We'll see!

  3. That was such a great evening. I have had company here (family) since you left. I haven't been able to spend much time blogging. I haven't got the pictures I took up yet! Thanks for the great post and you got some great pictures of these special kids. I am so glad you came. I have loved getting to know you! You are a dear friend!


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