Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Owen’s Science Birthday Party

Friday evening Hannah attended Owen’s 6th birthday party and she had an amazing time!  At one point she was jumping up and down as she exclaimed, ‘This is the best, best, best, BEST birthday party ever!!’ 
Owen’s Aunt Meggie is a teacher and came with science projects galore and the kids were enthralled from the moment she started!  Their first ‘experiment’ was making tie dyed headbands using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.  The kids coloured for almost half an hour and would have kept going if it wasn’t time to stop for supper.IMG_2605
Love the lab coats made from men’s t-shirts and the glasses.  So scientific!   Meggie and Ange were really organized and each experiment we premeasured and ready to go which helped the party flow and kept the kids attention piqued.
After supper there was slime making, IMG_2611
magic mud, IMG_2619
balloon blow up and Volcanoes.  You can hear the kids reactions to Hannah’s volcano and hers was the 5th time they’d seen this happen!  The entire party was like this and the kids were enraptured by every single experiment!

The icing on the cake…Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion using a Geyser Tube!!!  LOL!  You can tell we were newbies at this as the first bottle of pop sprayed right into where the kids were sitting!  Oops!!  We learned from our experience and rotated the bottle so that it aimed from side to side in the yard.

Thank you so much Owen for inviting Hannah to your awesome birthday party!!  IMG_2622 She had a ton of fun and we’re still recreating the experiments at home!  Happy 6th Birthday Owen!!!IMG_2615


  1. Too much fun!!! I burst out laughing at the mentos video and because you kept laughing, I couldn't stop laughing! The pic you took of the mentos expolsion was fantastic! What a great way to entertain and involve kids at a party. Love it!

  2. Thanks for coming to Owen's party! he had sooo much fun :) it took some work to organize it, but it was worth it for sure! I knew Hannah would have a good time lol.

  3. Now that is a perfect kid's birthday party!

  4. Hannah is a tough cookie to be able to play with all those boys at once! She was the only girl.

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